Symplectic Zoominar (CRM-Montreal, Princeton/IAS, Tel Aviv, and Paris).    

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Date and hour:  Fridays, 9:15 - 10:45 (Montreal/Princeton hour).

Regular research talks are of 60 minutes; 30 minutes  are reserved for discussion at the end of each talk (see VARIA below).

It is intended that talks be accessible to a global community in symplectic geometry/topology and beyond (thus, they should contain an  introduction of interest to a broad audience). 

The Zoominar promotes an atmosphere of collegiality, equity and respect and is committed to creating a welcoming and  inclusive environment for all participants, enabling them to fully focus on mathematics.

Postdoctoral announcements at the bottom of the page (send a message at if you want to post one).

Once a month we intend to have a seminar consisting of three 20 min talks (followed each by 10 min of discussion time) reserved to young researchers/recent PhD's. In case you want to talk or to nominate someone,
see VARIA 4 belo

Next meeting:

January 29:  Three 20 min research talks:

Alexandre Jannaud (
University of Neuchâtel), Dehn-Seidel twist, C^0 symplectic geometry and barcodes
Abstract: In this talk I will present my work initiating the study of the $C^0$ symplectic mapping class group, i.e. the group of isotopy classes of symplectic homeomorphisms, and briefly present the proofs of the first results regarding the topology of the group of symplectic homeomorphisms. For that purpose, we will introduce a method coming from Floer theory and barcodes theory. Applying this strategy to the Dehn-Seidel twist, a symplectomorphism of particular interest when studying the symplectic mapping class group, we will generalize to $C^0$ settings a result of Seidel concerning the non-triviality of the mapping class of this symplectomorphism. We will indeed prove that the generalized Dehn twist is not in the connected component of the identity in the group of symplectic homeomorphisms. Doing so, we prove the non-triviality of the $C^0$ symplectic mapping class group of some Liouville domains.

Tim Large (MIT),
Floer K-theory and exotic Liouville manifolds
Abstract: In this short talk, I will explain how to construct Liouville manifolds which have zero traditional symplectic cohomology but interesting symplectic K-theory. In particular, we construct an exotic symplectic structure on Euclidean space which is not distinguished by traditional Floer homology invariants. Instead, it is detected by a module spectrum for complex K-theory, built as a variant of Cohen-Jones-Segal’s Floer homotopy type. The proof involves passage through (wrapped) Fukaya categories with coefficients in a ring spectrum, rather than an ordinary ring.

Oliver Edtmair (Berkeley), 3D convex contact forms and the Ruelle invariant
Abstract: Is every dynamically convex contact form on the three sphere convex? In this talk I will explain why the answer to this question is no. The strategy is to derive a lower bound on the Ruelle invariant of convex contact forms and construct dynamically convex contact forms violating this lower bound. This is based on joint work with Julian Chaidez.

Future talks:

February 5: Yusuf Baris Kartal (Princeton), TBA

February 12: Cheuk Yu Mak (Edinburgh), TBA

February 19: Daniel Pomerleano (Boston), TBA

Past talks:

January 22: Basak Gurel (University of Central Florida), Pseudo-rotations vs. rotations (slides), (video)

January 15, 2021: Lisa Jeffrey (University of Toronto), Symplectic implosion (slides), (video)

December 11: Zhengyi Zhou (IAS, Princeton),  Hierarchies of contact manifolds via rational SFT  (slides), (video)

December 4: Eva Miranda ( Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), The singular Weinstein conjecture and the Contact/Beltrami mirror (slides), (video)

November 27:  Three 20 min research talks:

Yu-Wei Fan (Berkeley), Shifting numbers in triangulated categories (slides); Surena Hozoori (Georgia Tech), Symplectic Geometry of Anosov Flows in Dimension 3 and Bi-Contact Topology (slides); Marcelo Atallah (Montreal),  Hamiltonian no-torsion (slides) (video of all three talks).

November 20: Paul Biran (ETH, Zürich), Persistence and Triangulation in Lagrangian Topology (slides), (video).

November 13: Nick Sheridan (Edinburgh), Quantum cohomology as a deformation of symplectic cohomology (slides), (video)

November 6: Kai Cieliebak (Augsburg),  Secondary coproducts in Morse and Floer homology (slides), (video)

October 30:
  Three 20 min research talks: 

Simon Allais (ENS Lyon), Generating functions in Hamiltonian dynamics and symplectic-contact rigidity (slides), Orsola Capovilla-Searle (Duke University), Weinstein handle decompositions of complements of toric divisors in toric 4 manifolds (slides), Julian Chaidez (UC Berkeley), ECH Embedding Obstructions For Rational Surfaces (slides), (video of the three talks).

October 23: Michael Hutchings (Berkeley),  Examples related to Viterbo's conjectures (slides), (video)

October 16: Umut Varolgunes (Stanford), Mirror symmetry for chain type polynomials (slides), (video)

October 9: Lev Buhovski (Tel Aviv), The Arnold conjecture, spectral invariants and C^0 symplectic topology (slides), (video)

October 2: Dusa McDuff (Columbia), Embedding ellipsoids into the one-point blowup of $\C P^2$ (slides), (video)

September 25: Jun Zhang (Montreal), Triangulated persistence categories (slides), (video)

September 18:
  Cheol-Hyun Cho (Seoul),  Fukaya category for Landau-Ginzburg orbifolds and Berglund-H\"ubsch homological mirror symmetry for curve singularities (slides), (video)

September 11
: Vincent Colin (Nantes), Reeb dynamics in dimension 3 and broken book decompositions (slides), (video)

September 4
: Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell (Uppsala)Hamiltonian classification and unlinkedness of fibres in cotangent bundles of Riemann surfaces (slides), (video)

July 24:
John Pardon (Princeton), Pontryagin--Thom for orbifold bordism (slides), (video)

July 17: Three 20 min research talks:

Yusuke Kawamoto (Paris),  Homogeneous quasimorphism, C^0-topology and Lagrangian intersection  (slides); Shira Tanny (Tel Aviv), Floer theory of disjointly supported Hamiltonians (slides) ; Javier Martínez-Aguinaga (Madrid),  Formal Legendrian and horizontal embeddings (slides), (video -for the three talks).

July 10: Peter Ozsvath (Princeton), Knot Floer homology and bordered algebras (slides), (video)

July 3: Ana Rita Pires (Edinburgh),   Infinite staircases and reflexive polygons (slides), (video)

June 26: Ailsa Keating (Cambridge), Distinguishing monotone Lagrangians via holomorphic annuli (slides), (video)

June 19: Igor Uljarevic (Belgrade),  Exotic symplectomorphisms and contact circle action  (slides), (video)

June 12: Mark Mclean (SUNY, Stony Brook),  Floer Cohomology and Arc Spaces (slides), (video)

June 5:
   Three 20 min research talks:

Morgan Weiler (Rice): Infinite staircases of symplectic embeddings of ellipsoids into Hirzebruch surfaces (slides), (video)Joé Brendel (Neuchatel): Real Lagrangian Tori in toric symplectic manifolds (slides), (video)Abror Pirnapasov (Bochum): Reeb orbits that force topological entropy (slides), (video).

May 29: Alex Oancea (Paris),  Duality for Rabinowitz-Floer homology (slides), (video)

May 22: Denis Auroux (Harvard),  Mirrors of curves and their Fukaya categories  (slides) , (video)

May 15: Jo Nelson (Rice),  Reflections on Cylindrical Contact Homology (slides), (video)

May 8:
Marco Mazzucchelli (ENS- Lyon), Spectral characterizations of Besse and Zoll Reeb flows (slides), (video)

May 1st: Alberto Abbondandolo (Bochum),  Zoll contact forms are local maximisers of the systolic ratio (slides)

April 24:  Lisa Traynor (Bryn Mawr)The Geography of Immersed Lagrangian Fillings of Legendrian Submanifolds  (slides),  (video)

April 17:  Nicholas Wilkins (Bristol),  Equivariant quantum operations and relations between them (slides), (video)

April 10:  Leonid Polterovich (Tel Aviv),  Geometry of Quantum Uncertainty (slides), (video)

April 3:   Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner (IAS)The Simplicity Conjecture (slides),  (video)

March 27:  Octav Cornea (Université de Montréal),  Fragmentation pseudo-metrics and Lagrangian submanifolds (slides), (video)


1. Please do not hesitate to ask questions: first indicate your intention (or even the question) by chat, then, when invited by the host/organizer, use your microphone and  video (if available).

3. There will be 30 min at the end of each talk reserved for discussion. The first 15 minutes (roughly) are, mainly, for questions addressed to  the speaker. After that, questions and answers may involve different participants.

3. We post links to the slides of the talks as well as links to recordings of the talks.

4.  We intend to have once a month a seminar consisting of three 20min talks (followed each by 10min of discussion time) given by young researchers/recent PhD's. Suggestions, nominations, and volunteers  (including a title and short abstract) should be sent to Egor Shelukhin at (with cc to ).

Current Zoominar Organizers: Daniel Álvarez-Gavela (MIT), Octav Cornea (Montreal), Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner (IAS), Helmut Hofer (IAS), Yusuf Baris Kartal (Princeton) Leonid Polterovich (Tel Aviv), Egor Shelukhin (Montreal), Sara Tukachinsky (IAS), Claude Viterbo (Paris), Zhengyi Zhou (IAS)

Postdoctoral announcements (Fall 2020).

Post-doctoral position in Paris in symplectic/contact topology/dynamics