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Analysis and probability

Analysis and related fields such as differential equations and partial differential equations lie at the core of several important mathematical problems. The results and methods developed for these fields influence all other areas of mathematics.

Probability theory is the rigorous study of various random processes observed in nature and in our society.

The research conducted in the Departement's axis in analysis and probability is divided into different topics.

Complex analysis and the theory of approximation using methods of classical analysis and functional analysis. Non-linear analysis and dynamical systems related to the following topics: topological and variational methods in ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations, geometrical methods created by Poincaré and currently used for problems on limiting cycles, bifurcations and the 16th problem of Hilbert analytic complex dynamical systems. Finally, the study of the evolution of random populations and its applications to genetics, the long-term behaviour of chaotic systems and the convergence of such systems to stable states, the evolution of processes related to financial models and the study of physical systems, such as spin glasses, that exhibit complex behaviours such as metastability and aging.

The professors working in this discipline are :