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Graduate programs

The graduate programs offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DMS) prepare students for careers in research, industry and academia.

The Department has more than one hundred students in its master’s and doctoral programs. The main focus is on mathematics, statistics and actuarial science.

The Department is also associated with the Department of Computer Science and Operational Research (DIRO) and the Department of Economics for its Master's program in Mathematical and Computational Finance.

The excellence and wide-ranging expertise of the Department’s professors and researchers are one of the strengths of its graduate programs. They do cutting-edge work in various fields, including:

  • analysis
  • number theory
  • differential geometry
  • topology
  • geometry and spectral theory
  • mathematical physics
  • optimization and fluid mechanics
  • biomathematics
  • financial mathematics
  • probability
  • actuarial science
  • statistics

Graduate and post-graduate students also enjoy a stimulating environment in which to study, thanks in part to the presence of:

Our programs

Job outlook

Master’s and doctoral graduates have excellent job prospects in Quebec. For the Master's in Mathematics, 87.5 % of graduates hold full-time jobs, with 95% of them working in their field. In mathematics and statistics, job openings are primarily in:

  • High-tech industries (aerospace and electronics)
  • Research teams (modelling in biology, economics, etc.)
  • Financial markets and companies (operations planning and profit optimization)
  • Public administration
  • Government agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Teaching at colleges and universities

Master’s and doctoral graduates in Mathematical and Computational Finance work in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Financial institutions
  • Pension funds
  • Corporate financial consulting firms
  • Government business enterprises
  • Colleges and universities
  • Laboratories and research centres

The following sites offer regularly updated information on the job outlook in Quebec:

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