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About the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DMS) offers a wide selection of specialized, bidisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs, at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

What is actuarial science?

Learn more about actuarial science and the job openings it might lead to.

What is mathematics?

Mathematics is a branch of science that studies quantities, orders, spaces, numbers and figures.

What is statistics?

The world around us is full of uncertainty. To help us understand it better, we compile huge quantities of data. The science of statistics involves separating the information from the background noise.

Alumni (French)

Faites connaissance avec nos diplômés des programmes de 1er cycle et des cycles supérieurs.

News and events

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Job postings (French)

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Contact us

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DMS) is located at the André-Aisenstadt Building on the main campus.

Frequently asked questions (French)

Tout ce que vous voulez savoir lorsque vous êtes étudiants.

Supporting the Department

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