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Applied mathematics

Since the middle of the last century, applied mathematics has experienced explosive growth with the advent of the computing revolution. The combination of ever-increasing computing power for symbolic and numerical calculations and the development of more and more sophisticated and efficient methods and algorithms have made it possible for researchers to tackle the modelling and resolution of highly complex problems in science, engineering and medicine.

It is therefore, arguably, in the attempt to solve problems arising in biology, genetics, medicine, pharmacology and ecology that mathematical advances have been the most impressive over recent years and the benefits to present-day society the most obvious.

The Department counts, in its ranks, specialists in the scientific computation of compressible flows and of non-Newtonian fluids, in the modelling of turbulent combustion and of the propagation of interfaces, in control and geometric optimisation of form and structure, in modelling physiological systems (notably, neuronal and cardiac), as well as in the dynamics and genetics of populations.

The faculty members who work in this discipline are: