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Fast track admission to the doctoral program

Accelerated transfer from master's to PhD

It is possible to make a transfer from the master's program to the doctoral program, without having to write a master’s thesis. This option is reserved for students demonstrating above-average ability, who are supported by their research supervisor and have completed their 2nd term of the master's degree, as well as all the courses of their study program. In addition, this passage may be accompanied by a scholarship.

Direct access from baccalaureate to doctorate

It is possible to be admitted to the PhD program directly after completing an undergraduate degree, without having a master's degree. This option is reserved for students with an exceptional academic record and who benefit from the support of a research director. In addition, this passage may be accompanied by a scholarship..


Here are the steps to follow to apply for an fast-track admission to the doctoral program.

  1. The student completes an application for admission to the PhD program for the desired term.*
  2. The thesis supervisor writes a letter of support for this fast-track admission.
  3. If this is a direct passage from the baccalaureate to the doctorate, the student asks a second referee to provide a letter of recommendation. It is possible to use one of the letters of recommendation submitted with the application for admission.
  4. The student writes a description of their doctoral research project.
  5. All the documents of steps 2-4 are sent by email to the TGDE (graduate studies secretary).
  6. The graduate studies committee in mathematics (CES-math) studies the file. Once the file is approved, it is sent to the person in charge from the direction of the FAS.
  7. This person analyzes the request for a fast-track admission and sends the decision to both CES-math and ESP.
  8. If the answer is positive, the department will process the application for doctoral admission to the ESP.
  9. The student receives an email with the Notice of Decision attached.

*For admission in the summer term, the student should apply for the fall term and, after being admitted, they should apply for advancing their admission to the summer term.