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Comprehensive Examination in Statistics

Written examination

A written examination consisting of two common examinations based on topics in two out of the three following areas:

  • mathematical statistics
  • probability
  • applied statistics

Syllabus of the comprehensive written examination (French Only)

Oral Examination

The oral examination deals with the candidate’s research topic and related subjects. The oral examination takes place before the end of the sixth trimester, at the latest. An essential preliminary to the oral examination is the preparation of a written document describing the research problem and containing a comprehensive bibliography. After approval of the document by the jury, its president fixes the date for the oral examination.

Following the oral examination, the members of the jury assigned to the student will decide by a majority on the student’s success or otherwise of the oral and written examinations, in keeping with article 87E of the teaching regulations of the Faculty of postgraduate and postdoctoral studies (FESP). According to these regulations, the jury has the right to postpone the oral examination on one occasion only before making its decision. In this case, the extension granted by the jury may not exceed six months.

The members of the jury assigned to the student are nominated by the Head of Department during the student’s second trimester, at the latest. The jury is made up of three members: the research supervisor, a president and one other member.