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Ben Salah, Zied


Faculty of Arts and Science - Department of Mathematics and Statistics




  • MAT1958 H - Mathématiques pour chimistes
  • MAT1923 H - Calcul différentiel et intégral 2
  • MAT1923 H - Calcul différentiel et intégral 2
  • STT1979 H - Statistique: concepts et applications

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Some Applications of Markov Additive Processes as Models in Insurance and Financial Mathematics Theses and supervised dissertations / 2012-07
Ben Salah, Zied
This thesis consists mainly of three papers concerned with Markov additive processes, Lévy processes and applications on finance and insurance. The first chapter is an introduction to Markov additive processes (MAP) and a presentation of the ruin problem and basic topics of Mathematical Finance. The second chapter contains the paper "Lévy Systems and the Time Value of Ruin for Markov Additive Processes" written with Manuel Morales and that is published in the European Actuarial Journal. This paper studies the ruin problem for a Markov additive risk process. An expression of the expected discounted penalty function is obtained via identification of the Lévy systems. The third chapter contains the paper "On a Generalization of the Expected Discounted Penalty Function to Include Deficits at and Beyond Ruin" that is submitted for publication. This paper presents an extension of the expected discounted penalty function in a setting involving aggregate claims modelled by a subordinator, and Brownian perturbation. This extension involves a sequence of expected discounted functions of successive minima reached by a jump of the risk process after ruin. It has important applications in risk management and in particular, it is used to compute the expected discounted value of capital injection. Finally, the fourth chapter contains the paper "The Minimal Entropy Martingale Measure (MEMM) for a Markov-Modulated Exponential" written with Romuald Hérvé Momeya and that is published in the journal Asia Pacific Financial Market. It presents new results related to the incompleteness problem in a financial market, where the risky asset is driven by Markov additive exponential model. These results characterize the martingale measure satisfying the entropy criterion. This measure is used to compute the price of the option and the portfolio of hedging in an exponential Markov-modulated Lévy model.