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Invited lectures

2017 Plenary speaker, Math Congress of the Americas Montréal
2014 Yale mathematics morning Yale
2014 Current Events, Annual Joint Meeting Baltimore
2012 Synergies And Vistas in Analytic Number Theory Oxford
2012 New York Distinguished Lecture New York
2012 Additive Combinatorics Paris
2012 AMS special session Boston
2011 Wilf 80 Wilfred Laurier U, Waterloo
2011 PANTS conference Emory, Atlanta
2011 CMS winter meeting Toronto
2011 Lang lecture Berkeley
2010 MAA meeting Plattsburgh, NY
2009 Poetry of Analysis Madrid
2009 Kuwait lecture Cambridge University
2009 150 years of the Riemann Hypothesis Verbania, Italy
2008 Math Assoc of America Distinguished lecture Washington D.C
2008 Canadian Number Theory Association Waterloo
2008 Plenary speaker, Canada-France joint meeting, II Montréal
2008 Algorithmic number theory Banff
2008 Additive Combinatorics Toronto
2008 Number theory algorithms in Computer Science Barbados
2007 Additive Combinatorics Princeton
2007 Erdos memorial lecture American Mathematical Society
2007 Journée Arithmétique Edinburgh
2006 Canadian Number Theory Association IX Vancouver
2006 Jeffrey-Williams lecture, Canadian Math Soc Toronto
2005 Maine-Quebec Number Theory Conference Orono, Maine
2005 Gauss-Dirichlet memorial symposium Gottingen, Germany
2005 Conference, Analytic number theory Quebec
2004 Maine-Quebec Number Theory Conference Quebec City
2004 Canadian Number Theory Association VIII Toronto
2004 Moreton lecture Millsaps College
2004 Current Events, Annual Joint Meeting Phoenix, Arizona
2003 Plenary speaker, Canadian Math Soc Vancouver
2003 Colloque des Sciences mathématiques du Quebec Ottawa
2003 Hugh Williams' 60th birthday conference Banff, Alberta
2002 Canadian Number Theory Association VII Montreal
2002 Friends of MSRI New York
2002 Plenary MAA speaker Annual Joint Meeting, San Diego
2001 Mathematical Association of America Montgomery, Al
2000 Millenial Number Theory Conference Urbana--Champaign, Illinois
2000 Analytic Number Theory Workshop IAS Princeton
1999 Ron Graham Retirement Day AT & T Labs, New Jersey
1999 Number Theory Workshop Leiden, Holland
1998 Algorithmic Number Theory III Oregon
1998 SIDIM Conference Puerto Rico
1997 Mathematical Association of America summer MathFest, Atlanta
1997 International Number Theory Conference Penn State
1997 Analytic Number Theory Workshop Hong Kong
1996 Canadian Number Theory Association V Carleton U, Ottawa
1996 Plenary AMS/MAA speaker Annual Joint Meeting, Orlando
1996 Analytic Number Theory Workshop Kyoto, Japan
1996 Combinatorial Number Theory DIMACS, Rutgers
1995 Workshop on Organic Mathematics Vancouver, Canada
1995 Journée Arithmétique Barcelona, Spain
1995 Analytic Number Theory Meeting Urbana--Champaign, Illinois
1994 Invited Speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians Zurich
1994 AMS Special Session on Number Theory Oklahoma State
1994 Canadian Number Theory Association IV Dalhousie U, Halifax
1994 Computers in Number Theory Fields Institute, Ontario, Canada
1994 Mathematical Association of America Jefferson City, Tennessee
1993 Hundredth Anniversary of Harald CramerStockholm, Sweden
1993 XXVI National Congress, Soc. Mat. MexicanaMorelia, Mexico
1993 West Coast Number Theory Conference Asilomar, California
1993 Symposium in Experimentation Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green
1993 AMS Special Session on Number Theory Northern Illinois
1993 L-functional Classical Problems Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, England
1992 West Coast Number Theory Conference Corvallis, Oregon
1992 Mathematical Association of America Kingston, Ontario
1992 Number Theory Meeting Urbana--Champaign, Illinois
1991 Canadian Number Theory Association III Kingston, Ontario
1991 Computational Number Theory and Combinatorial Analysis Northern Illinois
1990 Conference on Experimental Mathematics Dalhousie, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1989 Combinatorial Number Theory Conference Lehman College, The Bronx
1989 Maritime Algebra Day Sackville, New Brunswick
1989 Canadian Number Theory Association II Vancouver