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1997 Publications

A Decomposition of Riemann's Zeta-Function
Proceedings of the Kyoto Conference, London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes 247 (1997), 95-101.

We show that the sum of the Euler-Zagier zeta functions of given weight \( N\), equals \( \zeta(N)\).


Primes at a (somewhat lenghty) glance (with Takashi Agoh and Paul Erdos)
American Mathematical Monthly, 104 (1997), 943-945.

We indicate how to prove a number is prime by writing it as a sum of smaller integers


Arithmetic Properties of Binomial Coefficients I: Binomial coefficients modulo prime powers
Canadian Mathematical Society Conference Proceedings 20 (1997), 253-275.

A survey on the arithmetic of binomial coefficients


Review of BBC's Horizon Program,``Fermat's Last Theorem''
Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 44 (1997), 26-28.

A review of Simon Singh's documentary on Andrew Wiles' breakthrough. Note though that the program was re-edited for US TV (for the series Nova), and several of my criticisms were taken account of, and removed from the US version