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Editorial Boards, past and present

General Journals

Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society (2005—)
New York Journal of Mathematics (1993—2008)
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (2009—)
Comptes rendus mathematiques de l'Acad. des sciences du Canada (2006—)
Annales des sciences mathematiques du Quebec (2013—)

Number theory Journals

Journal of Number Theory (1995—2004)
Ramanujan Journal (1997—2007)
Integers, Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory (2000-)
Algebra and Number Theory (2007—)

Combinatorics Journals

Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (1994—)
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics(2005—)
Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics (2006—)

Computing Journals

Maple Technical Newsletter (1995—1998)
Mathematics of Computation (1999—2002)

Undergraduate research Journals

Morehead Electronic Journal of Applicable Mathematics (2000-2007)
involve: a journal of mathematics (2007—2012)

Book series

Fields Institute publications (2001-2003)
CRM publications (2004—)
MAA: Carus mathematical monographs (2009-2015)


Georgia Review (1997—2005)