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Conference organization

2014-15Probabilistic and multiplicative number theoryCRM, Montréal
2014-15Counting arithmetic objects (ranks of elliptic curves)CRM, Montréal
2014-15New horizoms in additive combinatoricsCRM, Montréal
2014-15Statistics and number theoryCRM, Montréal
2014-15Number theory special yearCRM, Montréal
2014Counting arithmetic objects schoolCRM, Montréal
2013Mathematical Congress of the AmericasGuanajuato, Mexico
2011Pretentious methods in analytic number theory schoolAMS, Snowbird, Utah
2010Additive Combinatorics for computer scientists schoolBellair, Barbados
2010Analytic methods for diophantine equationsBIRS, Banff
2010 Canadian Number Theory Association XI Wolfville, NS
2010 Graphs and arithmetic CRM, Montréal
2009 First Joint CMS/SMM MeetingCIMAT, Guanajuato, Vancouver
2008 Additive Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Harmonic AnalysisFields Institute, Toronto
2008 New trends in harmonic analysis special yearFields Institute, Toronto
2006 First Joint CMS/SMM MeetingCIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico
2006Analytic methods for diophantine equationsBIRS, Banff
2006 Additive Combinatorics CRM, Montréal
2006 Additive Combinatorics school CRM, Montréal
2006 Anatomy of Integers CRM, Montréal
2005-06 Analysis in number theory special year CRM, Montréal
2005 Gaps between primes AIM, Palo Alto, California
2005 NATO-SMS Advanced Study Institute: Equidistribution in number theory CRM, Montréal
2004 Diophantine approximation and analytic number theory BIRS, Banff
2002 Probability and Combinatorics in Analytic Number Theory special session MAA, San Diego, California
1996 Diophantine Problems and Elliptic Curves special session AMS, Orlando, Florida
1994 Fermat's Last Theorem special session CNTA, Dalhousie University, Halifax
1993 Analytic Number Theory special session AMS, Northern Illinois University
1991 Canadian Number Theory Association Queen's University
1989 Computational Number Theory special session CNTA, Vancouver