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2005 Publications

It is easy to determine whether a given integer is prime,
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 42 (2005), 3-38.

A survey about the AKS deterministic polynomial time primality test.


On the Distribution of Rational Functions Along a Curve over \( F_p\) and Residue Races (with Igor Shparlinski and Alexandru Zaharescu)
Journal of Number Theory, 112 (2005), 216-237.

We show that the points on a curve in \( \mathbb F_p^k\), projected onto \( (\mathbb R/\mathbb Z)^k\), are uniformly distributed in some linear subspace.


Carreras de numeros primos (with Greg Martin)
La Gaceta de le Real Sociedad Matematica Espanola , 8.18 (2005), 197-240.

A survey paper on prime number races in Spanish -- the English version appeared the following year