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Are YOU prepared for the jobs of the future?

Fintech is the marriage of finance and technology. While Finance has been around for close to 100 years affecting all industries, much of the buzz has happened in the last decade, as startups have amassed over $20 billion in global financing, $1 billion of which was raised in Canada. What's the cause of this acceleration - the 4th industrial evolution.

Technologies like artificial Intelligence, blockchain technology, and cyber security are poised to integrate deeper into the existing trillion-dollar finance industry that affects 20% of world’s GDP. The exact outcome remains unclear, but every human being on the planet will be affected by Fintech in the next 20 years. Are you willing to ensure it's for the better?

A little bit about our speakers:

Jan Arp. Director, FormFintech
Jan is helping build teams to solve financial industry problems. With over a decade of finance experience, in the last year alone he has helped 20 start-ups raise over $12 million in financing.

Luc Bégnoche. Founder & CEO, Aidvisors
Luc is a seasoned corporate software developer turned entrepreneur. He has been working in AI and Big Data since the 90's, servicing fortune 500 customers and founding Aidvisors.

Vincent Gauthier. Founder, Catallaxy
Vincent is a passionate Blockchain entrepreneur with almost a decade of experience in computer science, consulting and entrepreneurship. In his spare time he founded Montreal Blockchain Montreal.