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Conférence de Emilio Said, candidat au poste de professeur en mathématiques financières, 5 déc. 10h30



Emilio Said


Université Paris- Saclay



How Option Hedging Shapes Market Impact

We present a perturbation theory of the market impact based on an extension of the framework proposed by [Loeper, 2018] – originally based on [Liu and Yong, 2005] – in which we consider only local linear market impact. We study the execution process of hedging derivatives and show how these hedging metaorders can explain some stylized facts observed in the empirical market impact literature. As we are interested in the execution process of hedging we will establish that the arbitrage opportunities that exist in the discrete time setting vanish when the trading frequency goes to infinity letting us to derive a pricing equation. Furthermore our approach retrieves several results already established in the option pricing literature such that the spot dynamics modified by the market impact. We also study the relaxation of our hedging metaorders based on the fair pricing hypothesis and establish a relation between the immediate impact and the permanent impact which is in agreement with recent empirical studies on the subject.


Date : Jeudi le 5 décembre 2019

Heure : 10h30 à 11h30

Lieu : Pavillon André-Aisenstadt

Salle : 6214