Quebec-Vermont Number Theory Seminar (1984-2011)
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2012-2013 academic year

Winter 2013

Apr 25: Frederic Jouhet (Lyon), TBA

Apr 11: Sandro Bettin, TBA
              Samuel Gross (Rocky Mountain College), 49598666989151226098104244512918

Mar 21: Henri Darmon (McGill), The equivariant Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
              Steven Miller (Williams), Low-lying zeros of GL(2) L-functions

Feb 21: Kevin Ventullo (UCLA), The rank one abelian Gross-Stark conjecture
              Chun Yin Hui (Indiana), Monodromy of Galois representations and equal-rank subalgebra equivalence

Feb 7: Laurent Habsieger (CRM), Moments of L-functions and combinatorics
              Su Hu (McGill), On p-adic Hurwitz-type Euler zeta functions
              JeeHoon Park (Postech), Period Integrals of Smooth Projective Hypersurfaces and L_infty-Homotopy Theory

Jan 24: Antonio Lei (McGill and CICMA), The Euler system of Beilinson-Flach elements
              Florian Sprung (Brown), Iwasawa theory for elliptic curves and pairs of p-adic analogues of the conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer

Jan 10: Robert Harron (Wisconsin), L-invariants of symmetric powers of modular forms
              Claus Sorensen, Eigenvarieties and the Breuil-Schneider conjecture

Fall 2012

Dec 13: Christelle Vincent, TBA
              Jorge Plazas, Class field theory and noncommutative geometry
              Maksym Radziwill, The distribution of the zeros of zeta(s), of zeta'(s) and the non-existence of Siegel zeros

Nov 22: Alex Gamburd, Generalization of Selberg's 3/16 Theorem and Affine Sieve
              Adam Harper (CRM), A zero-density approach to smooth numbers

Nov 8: Andrew Sutherland (MIT), Sato-Tate distributions in genus 2
              Micah Milinovich (Mississippi), Simple zeros of $L$-functions of modular forms
              ALGANT mini-course: Massimo Bertolini (Milano), p-adic L-functions and Euler systems

Oct 18: Daniel Vallières (SUNY Binghampton), The extended abelian Stark Conjecture
              Gérard Freixas i Montplet (CNRS, Jussieu), Arithmetic Hilbert-Samuel formula for spaces of integral cusp forms

Sep 27: Jeremy Rouse (Wake Forest University), Quadratic forms representing all odd positive integers
              Chantal David (Concordia), Elliptic curves with prescribed groups over finite fields and Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics

Sep 13: Daqing Wan (UC Irvine), Value sets of polynomials over finite fields
              Eyal Goren (McGill), On a conjecture of Bruinier-Yang

2011-2012 academic year

Winter 2012

May 17: Victor Rotger (UPC), Almost totally complex points on elliptic curves
              Eva Bayer (Ecole Polytechnique Federale), Hasse principle for G-trace forms

Apr 26: Lassina Dembele (Warwick)
              Fai Chandee (UdeM), S(t), pair correlation and extremal functions

Apr 19: Sarah Zerbes (Exeter), The 2-variable p-adic regulator
              David Loeffler (Warwick), Critical slope p-adic L-functions

Apr 12: Ellen Eischen (Northwestern), An Eisenstein measure for unitary groups
              Florian Herzig (Toronto), Ordinary representations of GLn(Qp) and fundamental algebraic representations
              Jacob Tsimerman (Harvard),

Apr 5: Laurent Fargues (Strasbourg) The curve

Mar 29: Bryden Cais (University of Arizona)
              Neil Lyall (UGA)

Mar 15: Aaron Silberstein (Harvard)
              Jayce Getz (McGill)

Mar 1: Antonio Lei (McGill),
              Heekyoung Hahn (McGill), Algebraic cycles and Tate classes on Hilbert modular varieties

Feb 16: Abhishek Saha (ETH Zurich), When a natural subset of the Fourier coefficients are sufficient to uniquely determine a modular form
              Chung Pang Mok (McMaster), p-adic Galois representations attached to cusp forms on GL_2 over CM fields
              Denis Benois (Bordeaux),

Feb 9: Samit Dasgupta (UCSC), The $p$-adic $L$-functions of evil Eisenstein series
              Mariah Hamel (U de M), Structure in sumsets and difference sets.

Feb 2: Kai-Wen Lan Vanishing theorems for torsion automorphic sheaves
              Marc Hindry Brauer-Siegel estimates for elliptic curves and abelian varieties

Fall 2011

Dec 1: Julien Blondeau (McGill), Deformations of locally abelian representations
              Mat Rogers (U de M), Boyd's Mahler measure conjectures
              Dong Hwa Shin (Chungnam), Class fields over imaginary quadratic fields

Nov 17: Kevin Ford (UIUC), Values of Euler's function not divisible by a given prime, and the distribution of Euler-Kronecker constants for cyclotomic fields
              Michael Zieve (Michigan), A uniform boundedness theorem for polynomial maps
              Franke Thorne (South Carolina), Secondary Terms in Counting Functions for Cubic Fields

Oct 27: Steve Gonek (Rochester), How many a-points are simple?
              Matteo Longo (Padova)
              Shabnam Akhtari (U de Montreal, McGill), Representation of integers by binary forms.

Oct 20: Barry Mazur (Harvard), Disparity in the arithmetic statistics of elliptic curves
              Eknath Ghate (Tata), Local semisimplicity over totally real fields
              Yoshitaka Sasaki (Kinki), On poly-Euler numbers and related L-function

Oct 6: Fu-Tsun Wei (McGill), Rankin triple product L-functions and function field analogue of Gross-Kudla formula
              Gerard Freixas (CNRS, Jussieu), On the height of the fixed points of Atkin-Lehner involutions
              Miljan Brakocevic (McGill), Special values of anticyclotomic Rankin--Selberg L-functions

Sep 30: Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France), The action of Hecke operators on level 1 modular forms modulo 2
              Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France), Variation with p of the number of solutions mod p of a system of polynomial equations

Sep 29: Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France), Introduction to the Sato-Tate conjecture
              Kaisa Matomaki (Turku), On real zeros of holomorphic Hecke cusp forms and sieving short intervals

Sep 22: Rachel Pries (Colorado State), Automorphism groups of a family of maximal curves
              Jeff Achter (Colorado State), Arithmetic Torelli maps for cubic surfaces and threefolds
              Dimitris Koukoulopoulos (CRM), When is a multiplicative function small on average?

Sep 16: Ron Livne (Hebrew University), Greek Mathematics in the Bible.

Sep 15: Ron Livne (Hebrew University), 2-dimensional Galois representations arising from non-congruence subgroups.

2010-2011 academic year

Winter 2011

Jan. 20: Benjamin Howard (Boston College), Intersections of Hirzebruch-Zagier divisors and CM cycles
             Adrian Iovita (Concordia), A criterion for good reduction of curves over a p-adic field

Feb. 3: Daniel Macias Castillo (Kings), On higher order Stickelberger-type theorems

Feb. 17: Paul Buckingham (U Alberta), Connecting homomorphisms associated to Tate sequences
             Victor Rotger (UPC), Sato-Tate distributions and Galois endomorphism modules
             Rafe Jones (Holy Cross), Galois theory of rational maps with non-trivial automorphisms

Mar. 3: Werner Bley (Kassel), The Equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture for elliptic curves
              Dan Yasaki (UNCG), On modular forms and elliptic curves over the field of fifth roots of unity

Mar. 17: Valentina Di Proietto (Padova), An algebrization theorem for certain p-adic differential equations
              Fritz Hoermann (McGill), The arithmetic of automorphic forms

Mar. 31: Ethan Smith (CRM), Elliptic curves with a given number of points modulo p
             Joseph Silverman (Brown), Amicable pairs and aliquot cycles for elliptic curves
             Pierre Charollois (Paris VI), Cohomology of GL_n(Z) and p-adic zeta functions

Apr. 14: Morley Davidson (Kent State), Cyclotomic reductions of partition polynomials
             Nike Vatsal (UBC), Some number theory associated to the L-packets of SL_2

May. 26: Ramesh Srekantan (Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore), Abelian surfaces, Kummer surfaces and the non-Archimedean Hodge-D-conjecture
             Frederic Edoukou (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Structure of functional codes defined on non-singular Hermitian varieties

Fall 2010

Sept. 9:  Jared Weinstein (IAS), Local Langlands and the tower of modular curves
              Cristian Popescu (UCSD), An Equivariant Main Conjecture and Applications
              Antonella Perucca (EPFL Lausanne), The order of the reduction of points on abelian varieties

Sept. 23: Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano), p-adic modular forms via p-adic Hodge-Tate theory
              Kaisa Matomaki (University of Turku, Finland), Distinguishing cusp forms by looking at signs of their Fourier coefficients

Oct. 7:  Manjul Bhargava (Princeton), Orbits of group representations, and arithmetic applications (I)
              Manjul Bhargava (Princeton), Orbits of group representations, and arithmetic applications (II)

Oct. 21: Xevi Guitart (McGill, Barcelona), L-series of building blocks
              Manjul Bhargava (UPC Barcelona), From quaternion orders to generalized reduced binary quadratic forms, through Shimura curves and CM points

Nov. 4:  Dmitris Koukoulopoulos (CRM), Generalized multiplication tables of integers
              Nicolas Templier (Princeton), On the sup-norm of automorphic forms

Nov. 9:  David Grant (Boulder, Concordia), Analytic theory of genus 2 curves

Nov. 18: Bruce Berndt (UIUC), The circle and divisor problems, Bessel series, and twisted divisor sums
              Alex Kontorovich (Stony Brook), Sieving in groups

Dec. 2:  Kirsten Wickelgren (Harvard, Etale $\pi_1$ obstructions to rational points
              Joseph Rabinoff (Harvard), Canonical subgroups for p-divisible groups

Dec. 16: Andrew Granville (U de M), A pretentious approach to analytic number theory
              David Grant (Boulder, Concordia), Integral division points on curves

2009-2010 academic year
(The original 2009-2010 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2010

Jan. 21: Victor Rotger (UPC Barcelona), Stark-Heegner points and the vanishing of Selmer groups of elliptic curves over real quadratic fields.
              Aaron Levin (IAS), Towards Schmidt’s Theorem for Algebraic Points of Bounded Degree

Jan. 28: Kumar Murty (U. Toronto), The field of Fourier coefficients of a modular form
              Kimberly Hopkins (UT Austin), Higher Weight Heegner Points

Feb. 11: Felipe Voloch (U. Texas at Austin), Local-Global principles for affine curves
              Adam Logan (Montreal), The two faces of the Kummer surface

Feb. 22-26 CRM/Magma Conference on $p$-adic $L$-functions

Mar. 8-12 CRM Workshop on Graphs and Arithmetic

Mar. 18: Michael Larsen (Indiana U.), The inverse Galois problem for Mordell-Weil modules
              M. Ram Murty (Queen's University), Transcendental values of modular forms

Mar. 22-26 CRM Workshop on Computer Methods for $L$-functions and Automorphic Forms

Apr. 1:  Danny Neftin (Technion), On the minimal ramification problem for semiabelian groups

Apr. 12-16 CRM Conference on Computer Security and Cryptography

Apr. 19-23 CRM Workshop on Counting Points -- Theory, Algorithms and Practice

Apr. 29: J.-F. Mestre (Universit\'e Paris 7), Courbes de genre 3 avec un groupe d'automorphismes isomorphe \`a $S_3$

May 6:  G. Ricotta (Bordeaux), Automorphic forms as functions on $GL(n,R)$

Fall 2009

Sept. 10: Melanie Matchett Wood (Stanford), Spaces for Rings and Ideals
              Jack Sonn (Haifa), On the minimal ramification problem for nilpotent groups
              Andrew Yang (Dartmouth), Low-lying zeros of Dedekind zeta functions attached to cubic number fields

Sept. 24: Ignazio Longhi (Taipei), Coleman power series and $L$-functions in characteristic $p$
              Tim Dokchitser (Cambridge), On the parity conjecture for elliptic curves
              Wansu Kim (Cambridge), Galois deformation theory for norm fields

Oct. 15: Andrew Knightly (Maine), Relative trace formulas on GL$(2)$
              Bryden Cais (CICMA), Hida families for GL(2) and $p$-adic Hodge theory

Oct. 22: Ambrus P\`al (Imperial College London), The Manin constant of elliptic curves over function fields
              Tom Tucker (Rochester), Dynamical Manin-Mumford, dynamical Mordell-Lang

Nov. 5:  Chris Skinner (Princeton), $p$-adic families of automorphic forms and their applications
              Vladimir Berkovich (Weizmann Institute), Integration of 1-forms on $p$-adic analytic spaces
              Glenn Stevens (Boston U.), $p$-Adic Variation of the Jacquet-Langlands Correspondence a Geometric Approach

Nov. 12: Vladimir Berkovich (Weizmann Institute), Introduction to Analytic Spaces (I)
              Bill Casselman (UBC), The Fundamental Lemma for SL(2)
              Vladimir Berkovich (Weizmann Institute), Introduction to non-Archimedean Analytic Spaces (II)

Nov. 19: Emmanuel Kowalski (IAS and Zurich)
              Matilde Lalin (Edmonton and Universit\'e de Montr\'eal), On higher Mahler measures
              Hedi Daboussi (Laval and Paris-Sud)

Dec. 3:  Xinyi Yuan (Harvard), A formulation of the Dynamical Manin-Mumford conjecture
              Ye Tian (Chinese Academy), An explicit form of Waldspurger’s formula.

2008-2009 academic year
(The original 2008-2009 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2009

Jan. 8:  Ameya Pitale (Oklahoma), $L$-functions for GSp(4)xGL(2)
              JeeHoon Park (CICMA and McGill), Iwasawa main conjecture for CM elliptic curves at supersingular primes

Jan. 9:  Ameya Pitale (Oklahoma), $L$-functions and special value results

Jan. 14: Mike Zieve (IAS), Polynomial mappings

Jan. 15: Mike Zieve (IAS), The intersection of subfields of K(x)

Feb. 12: Matthew Young (Texas), Quadratic and cubic twists of $L$-functions

Feb. 19: Gerard Freixas (CICMA), Introduction to the arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem, I
              Gerard Freixas (CICMA), Introduction to the arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem, II

Mar. 5:  Chung Pang Mok, Heegner points and $p$-adic $L$-functions for elliptic curves over totally real fields
              Eyal Goren, Canonical subgroups over Hilbert modular varieties

Mar. 12: Chantal David (CICMA), Statistics for the traces of cyclic trigonal curves over finite fields
              David Zywina (UPenn), Explicit Hilbert Irreducibility

Mar. 19: Valentin Blomer (Toronto), Bounding su$p$-norms of cusp forms
              Masataka Chida (Kyoto, visiting CICMA), Selmer groups and central values of $L$-functions for modular forms

Mar. 26: Florian Herzig (Northwestern), Weight Cycling and Serre-type Conjectures
              Bjorn Poonen (MIT), Existence of rational points on smooth projective varieties

Apr. 16: Alexandru Buium, Independence of modular points on elliptic curves
              Min-Lung Hsieh (McMaster), On the main conjectures for CM fields

Apr. 23: Ling Long (Iowa), Noncongruence modular forms and modularity
              Gerard Freixas (CICMA), On the Riemann-Roch formula in Arakelov geometry and the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence

May 14: Ben Howard (Boston College), Hirzebruch-Zagier divisors and CM cycles on Hilbert modular surfaces
              Andrea Miller (Harvard), On Murre's conjecture for mixed Kottwitz surfaces

May 21: Igor Shparlinski (Sydney), Fermat quotients
              Bill Messing (Minnesota), Recent Progress in the Theory of Displays (d'apres Lau)

Fall 2008

Aug. 26: Helmut Koch (Humboldt), The correspondence of Leonhard Euler and Christian Goldbach
              Jack Sonn (Technion), Abelian extensions of global fields with all local degrees equal to n and the n-torsion subgroup of the Brauer group

Sept 18: Adrian Vasiu (Binghamton), Integral canonical models of Shimura varieties of Hodge type
              Xander Faber (CICMA), The Arithmetic of Orbits for Quadratic Dynamical Systems

Oct 2: Jonathan Pottharst (Boston), Selmer groups over eigenvarieties
              Zeev Rudnick (Tel Aviv), $L$-functions and their statistics over function fields

Oct 16: Mike Rubinstein (Waterloo), Lower terms in the moments of $L$-functions
              Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin), Random matrices, random permutations, conjectures of arithmetic distribution over function fields, topology of Hurwitz spaces

Oct 30: Kevin James (Clemson), Elliptic curves and the distribution of primes
              Soroosh Yazhdani (McMaster), Local Szpiro's Conjecture

Nov. 10: Roman Holowinsky (Toronto), The Rudnick-Sarnak Conjectures

Nov. 13: Yuri Bilu (Bordeaux and ALGANT), Galois representations and Runge's method
              Donghoon Park (Brown), 1-motives with torsion and Cartier duality

Nov. 27: Alina Bucur (MIT), Multiple Dirichlet series
              Laurent Fargues (Orsay and Princeton), Reduction Theory for $p$-Adic Moduli Spaces of Abelian Varieties and $p$-Divisible Groups
              Vinayak Vatsal (UBC), Theta functions after Waldspurger and Mumford

Nov. 28: Kiran Kedlaya (MIT), $p$-adic differential equations

Dec. 4:  Jayce Getz (IAS), Relative trace formulae with a view towards unitary groups
              Matt Greenberg (Calgary), $L$-invariants of modular forms and completed cohomology of Shimura curves

Dec. 5:  Jayce Getz (IAS), Trace Formulae and Locally Symmetric Spaces

Dec. 9:  Mirela Ciperiani (Columbia), Genus one curves over the rationals

Dec. 10: Cristian Virdol (Columbia), On zeta functions of twisted modular curves

Dec. 11: Cristian Virdol (Columbia), On the Tate conjecture for quaternionic Shimura varieties
              John Voight (UVM), Computing automorphic forms on Shimura curves

Dec. 17: Ritabrata Munshi (Rutgers), Rational Points on Surfaces

Dec. 18: Ritabrata Munshi (Rutgers), Nonvanishing of $L$-functions
              Xander Faber (CICMA), Prime factors of dynamical sequences

2007-2008 academic year
(The original 2007-2008 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2008

Jan. 10: Adrian Vasiu, Good reductions of abelian varieties over number fields
              Shahab Shahabi (McGill), $p$-adic deformations of Shintani cycles

Jan. 17: Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano), Fontaine's crystalline conjecture revisited

Jan. 21: Matthias Strauch (Cambridge), $p$-adic Galois representations and geometric constructions of Banach space representations

Jan. 24: Romyar Sharifi (McMaster), Investigations in the arithmetic of cyclotomic fields and modular curves
              Byoung-Du Kim Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves for supersingular primes
              Capi Corrales (Madrid), On the group of units of an order in a non-split quaternion algebra

Feb. 7:  Hershy Kisilevsky, Mordell-Weil groups over cyclic quintic extensions
              Henri Darmon (McGill), Modular points on elliptic curves and cycles on Shimura varieties

Feb. 21: Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas (Austin), Mixed Hodge polynomials of character varieties
              Patrick Ingram (Toronto), Arithmetic questions about iterates of quadratic polynomials

Mar. 13: Matilde Lalin (University of Alberta), Mahler measures and regulators
              Adrian Iovita, Jacquet-Langlands correspondence for $p$-adic families of modular forms

Mar. 20: Cristina Ballantine (Holy Cross), Biregular expanders and the Ramanujan Conjecture
              Brooke Feigon (Toronto), Averages of central $L$-values of Hilbert modular forms

Apr. 17: Tonghai Yang (Wisconsin), Arithmetic Intersection and the Chowla-Selberg formula
              Cristian Popescu (UCSD), On the Coates-Sinnott Conjectures
              Karl Mahlburg (MIT), Asymptotics for partitions without sequences

May 8:  Abhinav Kumar (MIT), Kummer surfaces, Shioda-Inose Structures, and real multiplication
              Christophe Breuil (IHES and Columbia), Towards a modulo p Langlands correspondence for GL2(F)

May 27: Ritabrata Munshi (Rutgers), Counting rational points on cubics and quartics
              Tong Liu (U. Penn), A bound on ramification of pn- torsion semistable representations

May 28: Gaetan Chenevier (Paris), Zariski density of modular points for U(3)
              Brian Conrad (Michigan), Finiteness of class numbers over global function fields

Fall 2007

Sept 20: Payman Kassaei (London), Canonical subgroups of abelian varieties
              Wee-Teck Gan (UCSD), The local Langlands conjecture for GSp(4)

Sept 29-30 Quebec-Maine conference

Oct 4: Joel Bellaiche (Columbia), Non smooth classical point on eigenvarieties
              Matthew Greenberg (MPI), Stark-Heegner points for elliptic curves over totally real fields
              Igor Shparlinski (Sydney), Lang-Trotter and Sato-Tate conjectures on average

Oct 18: Jeehoon Park (CICMA), The Eisenstein-Siegel distribution and $p$-adic zeta function of real quadratic fields
              Bryden Cais (CICMA), Integral structures on the de Rham cohomology of curves and abelian varieties

Nov. 1:  Akshay Venkatesh (NYU), Analytic number theory over function fields and related questions in geometry and topology
              Riad Masri (CICMA), Average values of Hecke $L$-functions via Galois suborbits of Heegner points
              Isabelle D\'ech\`ene (Ottawa), Uses of generalized Jacobians in cryptography

Nov. 15 Conference in honor of John Labute

Nov. 22: Ben Green (Cambridge), Equidistribution of nilsequences
              Arnaud Chadozeau
              Masataka Chida (Tohoku), On the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture for Hecke characters

Dec. 6:  John Voight (Vermont), Shimura curves of low genus and totally real fields of small root discriminant
              Bei Zhang (Columbia), Nonvanishing mod p of Eisenstein series

2006-2007 academic year
(The original 2006-2007 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2007

Jan. 18: Tom Weston (UMass), Deformation theory of modular Galois representations
              Michael Filaseta (USC), Applications of Pad\'e approximants to number theory

Feb. 1:  Reinier Broker (Calgary), $p$-adic class invariants
              Robert Carls (Sydney), Higher dimensional $p$-adic CM construction

Feb. 15: Nigel Boston (Wisconsin), Arboreal Galois representations

Mar. 1:  Christian Wuthrich (CICMA)
              Pierre Colmez (Jussieu), Sur la correspondance de Langlands locale $p$-adique pour $GL_2(Q_p)$

Mar. 15: Aaron Levin (Brown), Ideal Class Groups and Rational Torsion in Jacobians of Curves
              Sinnou David (IAS), Hauteurs sur les puissances de courbes elliptiques
              Clifton Cunningham (Calgary), Remarkable properties of some perverse sheaves on $p$-adic groups
              Lassina Dembele (Calgary), Explicit Jacquet-Langlands for $GSp(4)$

Mar. 29: Tamar Ziegler (Michigan)
              Andrew Knightly (Maine), Asymptotics of Hilbert modular Hecke eigenvalues via relative trace formula
              David Lehavi (Michigan), Isogenies between Abelian surfaces

Apr. 12: John Labute (McGill) FABulous pro-$p$-groups
              Stephen Kudla (Toronto), Arithmetic special cycles for unitary groups

Apr. 26: Kartik Prasanna (Maryland and CICMA), Non-vanishing of $L$-series modulo $p$
              Paul Pollack (Dartmouth), Simultaneous Prime Values of Polynomials in Positive Characteristic

July 26: Kartik Prasanna (Maryland and CICMA), Algebraic cycles and Rankin $L$-series
              Kartik Prasanna, Algebraic cycles on modular varieties and rational points on elliptic curves

Fall 2006

Sept 14: Jean-Pierre Serre (Coll\`ege de France), Variations avec p du nombre de solutions mod p d'un syst\`eme d'\'equations
              Ram Murty (Queens and McGill), Introduction to the Sato-Tate conjecture

Sept 28: Igor Wigman (Montreal), The distribution of lattice points in thin elliptic annuli
              Kiran Kedlaya (MIT), Slope filtrations for relative Frobenius: prelude to a (Phi,Gamma)-module theory in families

Oct 12: Jeehoon Park (Boston University), $p$-adic families of half-integral weight modular forms via overconvergent Shintani lifting
              Henry Kim (Toronto), Functoriality of symmetric powers of GL2

Oct 26: Solomon Friedberg (Boston College), Multiple Dirichlet Series attached to Weyl groups
              Michael Harris (Jussieu), Automorphic forms on GLn and unitary groups, and related Galois representations and Hecke algebras
              Ambrus P\`al (London), On a conjecture about the cohomology of arithmetic groups

Nov. 9:  Glenn Stevens (BU), Milnor K-groups and Eisenstein Cohomology
              Hugh Williams (Calgary), Principal ideal testing

Nov. 16: Bart DeSmit (Leiden), Entangled radicals
              Mirela Ciperiani (Columbia), Solvable points on genus one curves

Nov. 30: Richard Taylor (Harvard), An outline of the proof of the Sato-Tate conjecture
              Richard Taylor (Harvard), Proving modularity without Ihara's lemma
              Adriano Marmora (Paris 13 and CICMA), $p$-adic local constants

Dec. 14: Bas Edixhoven (Leiden), On the computation of coefficients of a modular form
              Bas Edixhoven (Leiden), Height bounds, using Arakelov theory

2005-2006 academic year
(The original Fall 2005 and Winter 2006 QVNTS webpages)

Winter 2006

Jan. 12: Florian Luca (UNAM, Mexico), On shifted products which are powers
              Bill Banks (Missouri), Palindromes

Jan. 19: Adam Logan (Liverpool), Descent by Richelot isogeny on the Jacobians of plane quartics
              Habiba Kadiri (Montreal), Explicit zero-free regions for L-functions and applications
              Andrew Granville (Montreal), Character Sums

Jan. 26: Jorge Jimenez Urroz (Barcelona), Almost prime orders of elliptic curves with CM modulo p
              Francesco Pappalardi (University of Rome 3), On a problem of Schinzel and Wojcik involving equalities between multiplicative orders
              Andrew Booker (Michigan), Artin L-functions and automorphic forms

Jan. 27: Kartik Prasanna (UCLA), Elliptic curves, quadratic twists and $L$-values
              Adrian Iovita (Concordia), On the arithmetic of elliptic curves

Feb. 2:  Ernie Croot (Georgia Institute of Technology), Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions in Thin Sets of Integers
              Greg Martin (UBC), How unfair are prime number races?

Feb. 9:  Boris Moroz (Max-Planck-Institut), On the integer points of affine toric varieties
              Nathan Jones (CICMA), Serre curves and averages of Lang-Trotter constants

Feb. 16 Workshop on L-functions

Feb. 23: Emmanuel Royer (Montpellier), Quasimodular forms and applications
              Mark Watkins (Bristol), Symmetric power L-functions of elliptic curves

Mar. 2:  Guillaume Ricotta (Bordeaux), Asymptotic height of Heegner points
              Mark Coleman (Manchester), A Localised Bombieri-Vinogradov Theorem in Imaginary quadratic fields

Mar. 9:  Peng Gao (Michigan), N-level density of the low-lying zeros of quadratic Dirichlet L-functions
              Nathan Ng (Ottawa), Discrete Moments of the Riemann zeta function

Mar. 16 Workshop on Anatomy of Integers

Mar. 23: Antal Balog (Renyi Institute), Around the Balog-Szemeredi Theorem
              Javier Cilleruelo (UAM, Madrid), An overlapping theorem with applications

Apr. 20: Jean-Marc Deshouillers (Bordeaux), Large subsets of Z/pZ, the subset-sums of which do not cover Z/pZ
              John Friedlander (Toronto), Re-shaping negative impressions, from Judas to Siegel's zero
              Andrew Granville (Montreal), Multiplicative functions in arithmetic progressions

Apr. 27: Manjul Bhargava (Princeton), Lecture I: An overview of Gauss composition and its generalizations
              Manjul Bhargava (Princeton), Lecture II: The parametrization of rings of low rank

May 2:  Manjul Bhargava (Princeton), Lecture III: Counting field extensions of the rational numbers

May 4:  Manjul Bhargava (Princeton), Lecture IV: Mass formulae for local fields, and global heuristics
              Anirban Mukhopadhyay (Harish Chandra Research Institute), Gap between critical zeros of Epstein zeta function

June 14: Allison Pacelli (Williams College), Class groups with high n-rank

Fall 2005

Sept 2: Haruzo Hida (UCLA), Lambda-adic $p$-divisible groups over $\Bbb Q$
              Elena Mantovan (CalTech), Admissible $p$-adic representations of $GL_2(Q_p)$

Sept 8: Haruzo Hida (UCLA), Lambda-adic $p$-divisible groups (II) over Q
              P. Schneider (Munster), Admissible $p$-adic representations of GL2(Qp) (study group)

Sept 22: Pierre Colmez (Paris VI), Trianguline representations and refinements
              Peter Schneider (Munster), The Jacquet functor

Sept 29: Pierre Colmez (Paris), GL$_2(Q_p)$-representations attached to trianguline Galois representations
              Adrian Iovita (Concordia), Local-Global compatibility in the $p$-adic Langlands program

Oct 13: Song Wang (Vermont), Dimension Data, Local and Global Conjugacy
              Pierre Colmez (Paris), GL2(Qp)-representations attached to trianguline Galois representations II

Oct 20: Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial College), Rational points on certain Kummer surfaces
              Ronald Van Luijk (CRM), Explicit examples of generic K3 surfaces with infinitely many rational points

Oct 27: Emrah Cakcak (Laval), Subfields of the function field of the Deligne-Lusztig-Ree curve and their number of rational places
              Maria Sabitova (CRM and CICMA), Root numbers of abelian varieties

Nov 1-3 Grass-roots workshop on the Stark conjectures

Nov. 10: Lin Weng, Non-abelian $L$-functions
              Jacques Tilouine (Paris-Nord), Galois representations and modular forms of low weight
              Maria Sabitova (CICMA), The orbit method for $p$-groups and pro-p groups

Nov. 17: Jean-Pierre Serre (Coll\`ege de France), Bounds for the orders of the finite subgroups of G(k)
              Jean-Pierre Serre (Coll\`ege de France), Bornes pour les ordres des sous-groupes finis de G(k)

Nov. 24: Yoshitaka Hachimori (CICMA), A survey on the main conjecture in noncommutative Iwasawa Theory
              Ye Tian (CICMA), Heegner points over False Tate curve extensions
              Eknath Ghate (Cornell), Local splitting of ordinary Galois representations

Dec. 1:  Adebisi Agboola (UCSB), Assorted conjectures and results on Rubin's variant of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for elliptic curves with complex multiplication, with special attention to elliptic curves of analytic rank zero
              Gonzalo Tornaria (CICMA), Brandt modules, Shimura correspondence, and the central values of twisted $L$-series

Dec. 8:  Matteo Longo, On the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture over totally real fields
              Vicentiu Pasol, Weil representations and the Eisenstein distribution

Dec. 29: Adrian Iovita, The $p$-adic Langlands program: some New Year predictions
              Adrian Iovita, The $p$-adic Langlands program: some New Year predictions (II)

2004-2005 academic year
(The original 2004-2005 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2005

Jan. 6:  John Labute (McGill), Galois Groups of $p$-Extensions Q With Restricted Ramification
              Eyal Goren (McGill), Progress on the problem of constructing higher analogues of elliptic units

Jan. 20: Romyar Sharifi (McMaster), Cup products, Iwasawa theory, and the Eisenstein ideal
              Alexandru Ghitza (CICMA), Weight 1 weirdness
              Jonathan Pila (McGill), Density of rational points

Feb. 3:  Wenzhi Luo (Ohio State), Nonvanishing theorems for automorphic $L$-functions on GL(n)
              Damien Roy (University of Ottawa), Diophantine approximation in small degree
              Andrew Granville (Universite de Montreal), The Polya-Vinogradov Theorem revisited

Feb. 17: David McKinnon (Waterloo), Rational approximation of rational points on varieties
              Denis Th\'erien (McGill), Number-theoretic issues in boolean circuit complexity

Mar. 3:  Farshid Hajir (Amherst), Finitely Ramified Iterated Monodromy Representations
              Jason Lucier (Waterloo), Differences of integers

Mar. 17: Alexandru Popa (Princeton), Closed geodesics on modular curves and special values of $L$-series
              Jorge Devoto (Buenos Aires), An introduction to elliptic cohomology and K3 cohomology
              Nora Ganter (Urbana-Champaign), Introduction to equivariant elliptic cohomology

Mar. 31: Ali Ozluk (University of Maine), One-Level Density Conjecture for Quadratic Dirichlet $L$-functions
              Pierre Charollois (Bordeaux), Stark units and periods of Hilbert modular forms

Apr. 7:  John Cremona (Nottingham), Finding all elliptic curves with good reduction outside a given set of primes
              Gergely Harcos (University of Texas), A Burgess-like subconvex bound for twisted $L$-functions
              Nyandwi Servat (Universit\'e de Tunis El Manar), Moyenne de la fonction de Piltz sur les entiers sans grand facteur premier

Apr. 21: David Savitt (CICMA), The level 1 case of Serre's conjecture (after Khare and Khare-Wintenberger) I
              David Savitt (CICMA), The level 1 case of Serre's conjecture (after Khare and Khare-Wintenberger) II

May 5:  R. Sujatha (Tata Institute), Iwasawa theory over $p$-adic Lie extensions
              Peter Clark (CICMA), Arithmetic of algebraic curves with Galois Belyi maps
              John Coates (Cambridge), Iwasawa Theory for the False Tate Curve Extension

May 26: Gregory Freiman (Tel Aviv)

Fall 2004

Sept 16: Dino Lorenzini (University of Georgia), Some consequences of a theorem of M. Raynaud
              Kartik Prasanna (UCLA), Arithmetic properties of the theta correspondence and periods of modular forms
              Chantal David (Concordia), Vanishing of $L$-functions and Random Matrix Theory

Sept 23: Haruzo Hida (UCLA), The integral basis problem of Eichler
              Ye Tian (CICMA), Euler systems of CM points over totally real fields

Oct 7: Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene (Paris-Sud), Points rationnels et z\'ero-cycles sur les groupes lin\'eaires
              Harald Helfgott (CICMA), On the number of elliptic curves of a given conductor

Oct 14: Payman Kassaei (CICMA), On classicality of overconvergent modular forms
              Marvin Knopp (Temple University), Vector Valued Modular Forms

Oct 28: Guillaume Ricotta (CICMA), Real zeros and size of Rankin-Selberg $L$-functions in the level aspect
              Yoshikata Hachimori (CICMA), On Iwasawa theory for $p$-adic Lie extensions

Nov. 11: Akshay Venkatesh (NYU/CMI), Equidistribution and subconvexity
              Manfred Einsiedler (Universitat Wien and Princeton), Applying measure rigidity for the Cartan action, Littlewood's conjecture and more
              Peter Clark (CICMA), Bounds for torsion on anisotropic abelian varieties

Dec. 9:  Mark Kisin (Chicago), F-crystals and crystalline representations
              Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin), Descent bounds for rational points on some curves and higher-dimensional varieties
              Gabor Kun (Eotvos Universtity, Budapest), On the prime values of reducible polynomials

2003-2004 academic year
(The original 2003-2004 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2004

Jan. 8:  Jean-Francois Mestre (Universit\'e Paris 7), Rel\`evements d'extensions galoisiennes
              Peter Clark (CICMA), The period-index problem and its applications to horizontal growth of the Shafarevich-Tate group
              Sandor Kovacs (Washington), Nowhere vanishing one-forms and Kodaira dimension

Jan. 22: Harold Stark (UCSD), Class numbers and Siegel zeroes
              Carl Pomerance (Dartmouth College), Primality testing after Agrawal, Kayal and Saxena
              Henri Darmon (McGill), Hida families and rational points on elliptic curves

Feb. 5:  Cam Stewart (Waterloo), Irregularities of distribution and pseudorandom sequences
              Peter Schneider (Muenster University / University of Chicago), Duality for locally analytic representations
              Igor Shparlinski (Macquarie University), Prime divisors of shifted factorials

Feb. 19: Greg Martin (UBC), The Mobius function to the rescue
              David Savitt (CICMA), A conjecture of Conrad, Diamond, and Taylor

Mar. 4:  Kiran Kedlaya (MIT), Monodromy of families of $p$-adic differential equations
              Scott Ahlgren (Urbana), Coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms modulo prime powers
              June Zhu (McMaster), Limit behavior for Zeta-functions of generic Artin-Schreier curves

Mar. 18: Ben Green (Cambridge), The restriction phenomenon in number theory
              Michael Bennett (UBC), Powers in Recurrence Sequences

Apr. 1:  Alan Lauder (Oxford), Rigid cohomology and $p$-adic point counting
              Nike Vatsal (UBC), Local behaviour of ordinary representations
              Eyal Goren (McGill), Class invariants and units for quartic CM fields

Apr. 8:  Lucien Szpiro (CUNY), Mahler measure for dynamical systems
              Eric Urban (Columbia), The Eigenvariety for reductive groups G having discrete series
              Keith Conrad (Connecticut), Variation of Root Numbers

Apr. 15: Gordan Savin (Utah), What is a minimal representation?
              Fernando Rodrigues Villegas (Texas), On the E-polynomial of a certain character variety
              Robert Osburn (Queens), Congruences for traces of singular moduli

Apr. 29: Mei-Chu Chang (UC Riverside), On sum and product sets
              Chandrashekhar Khare (Utah), Limits of $p$-adic Galois representations

Fall 2003

Sept 11: Adrian Iovita (Concordia University), Anticyclotomic Main Conjecture for supersingular elliptic curves
              Jonathan Sands (University of Vermont), Popescu's conjecture in multi-quadratic extensions of number fields
              Norbert Schlomiuck (Universit\'e de Montr\'eal), Remembering Andr\'e Weil

Sept 25: Kannan Soundararajan (University of Michigan), Large values of trigonometric series
              Valentin Blomer (University of Toronto and Stuttgart University), On sums of squareful numbers
              Jonathan Pila (McGill University), Some diophantine geometry of subanalytic sets

Oct 9: Christopher Hughes (American Institute of Mathematics), Moments of the Riemann zeta function
              Elena Montavan (Berkeley), On certain PEL type Shimura varieties

Oct 23: Fabrizio Andreatta (University of Padova), Hensel's lemma for torsors and applications to the canonical subgroup
              Alexandru Ghitza (CICMA), Siegel modular forms (mod p) and algebraic modular forms Oct 27: John Conway (von Neumann Professor, Princeton University), Discrete groups and the Monster - and more

Nov. 6:  Habiba Kadiri (CICMA), Zero-free regions for the Dirichlet $L$-functions
              Gary Walsh (University of Ottawa), On the arithmetical structure of terms in Lucas sequences

Nov. 20: St\'ephane Fischler (Ecole Normale Sup\'erieure), Interpolation on algebraic groups
              Payman Kassaei (CICMA), Families of modular forms on Shimura curves
              Jack Sonn (Technion), Abelian extensions of number fields with constant local degrees

Dec. 4:  Gil Alon (CICMA), Calculations on the cohomology of $p$-adic symmetric spaces and their associated buildings
              Ambrus Pal (CICMA), On the torsion of the Mordel$L$-Weil group of Drinfeld modular curves

2002-2003 academic year
(The original 2002-2003 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2003

Jan. 16: Andrew Granville (Universit\'e de Montr\'eal), Residue Races, and misleading things that arithmetic geometers say
              Adrian Iovita (Concordia), $p$-adic families of exponential maps

Jan. 30: Andrew Booker (Princeton), Converse theorems and Artin's conjecture
              Ben Howard (Harvard), Anticyclotomic Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves
              Henri Darmon (McGill), Elliptic curves of large rank over function fields

Feb. 13: Christopher Skinner (Michigan), $p$-adic $L$-functions and anticyclotomic main conjectures for unitary groups
              Tonghai Yang (Madison), On CM abelian varieties over an imaginary quadratic field
              Matthias Beck, Dedekind sums: a geometric viewpoint

Feb. 20: Jonathan Pila (IAS and University of Melbourne), Density of integer and rational points on curves and surfaces
              David Cox (Amherst), Why Eisenstein proved the Eisenstein Criterion and why Schönemann proved it first
              Andrew Granville (Universit\'e de Montr\'eal), The ABC's of Goldbach

Feb. 21: Jonathan Pila (IAS and University of Melbourne), Algorithms with curves over finite fields

Mar. 6:  Preda Mihailescu, Zooming into Catalan's conjecture
              Preda Mihailescu, Zooming into Catalan's conjecture
              Ambrus P\`al (CICMA), Regulators and reciprocity laws on curves

Mar. 13: Gebhard Boeckle (ETH), An Eichler-Shimura type isomorphism for Drinfeld modular forms
              Serge Lang (Yale), Spherical inversion on totally geodesic embeddings
              Hershy Kisilevsky (CICMA), Ranks of Weil curves over cyclotomic fields

Mar. 20: Kristin Lauter (Microsoft), Complex multiplication methods for generating curves over finite fields

Mar. 27: Bo-Hae Im (Indiana), The rank of elliptic curves over large fields
              Robert Pollack (Chicago), A missing $p$-adic $L$-function
              Samit Dasgupta (Berkeley), Elliptic units and real quadratic fields

Apr. 10: Michael Rubinstein (AIM), Algorithms and computations in analytic number theory
              Andras Biro (Hungarian Academy), On the class number one problem for special real quadratic fields
              Andrew Archibald (CICMA), Intersection theory on surfaces -- A talk for number theorists

Apr. 24: Oliver Bultel (Heidelberg), $L$-adic monodromy of abelian varieties in characteristic p,
              Ron Livn\'e (Hebrew University), Higher dimensional analogs of Ramanujan graphs and Hilbert Modular Forms
              Yuri Matiyasevich (Steklov Institute), Hilbert's Tenth Problem Today: Main Results and Open Problems

May 15: Tom Tucker (Rochester), TBA
              Alexander Brown (Claremont), The endomorphism algebras of modular motives
              Ram Murty (Queens), An Application of Mumford's Gap Principle

Fall 2002

Sept 19: Mak Trifkovic (CICMA), On mu-Invariants of Elliptic Curves over Q
              Brian Conrad (Michigan), Descent theory in non-archimedean geometry

Oct 10: Frauke Bleher (Iowa), Deformations of complexes and applications
              Nathan Ng (CICMA), Moments of the Riemann zeta function

Oct 16: Alexandru Ghitza (MIT), Hecke eigenvalues of Siegel modular forms (mod p)

Oct 17: Hui Xue (IAS), Central values for Rankin $L$-functions
              Stephen Kudla (University of Maryland), An arithmetic theta function
              J\`anos Koll\`ar (Princeton), Rational varieties over finite fields

Oct 25: Michael Larsen (University of Indiana), Irrationality of motivic zeta-functions

Oct 31: Robert Sczech (Rutgers Newark), A refinement of Stark's conjecture over complex cubic number fields
              Ambrus Pal (CICMA), Rigid analytical class number formula for K2 of Drinfeld modular curves

Nov. 14: Fred Diamond (Brandeis), Serre weights and nuclear families of Hilbert modular forms
              Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College and Harvard)
              John Friedlander (Toronto), Uniform Distribution, Large Periods and Cryptography

Nov. 19: Ernst Gekeler (Saarbrucken), Frobenius distributions of elliptic curves over finite prime fields

Nov. 21: Ram Murty (Queens), Ramanujan Graphs

Nov. 28: Alina Carmen Cojocaru (UIUC), Elliptic curves mod $p$
              Lev Borisov (Wisconsin), Elliptic functions and equations of modular curves

Dec. 5:  Adam Logan (CICMA), Calculating Stark-Heegner points attached to periods of Hilbert modular forms
              Amod Agashe (Austin), The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjectural formula for modular abelian varieties

Dec. 12: Matt Baker (Georgia), TBA
              Matt Papanikolas (Brown), Extensions of elliptic curves over number fields

2001-2002 academic year
(The original 2001-2002 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2002

Jan. 17: D. Marshall (McMaster), Some relationship between Galois group and Iwasawa module structures
              R. Sreekantan (Tata Inst.), Analog of circular units for products of elliptic curves

Jan. 24: Izabella Laba (UBC), On finite sets that tile the integers

Jan. 31: J. Fleen (UVM), The image size of rational maps over finite fields
              B. Gross (Harvard), Automorphisms of even unimodular lattices

Feb. 14: C. Greither, Recent work on the Brumer-Stark conjecture in extensions of specified degree
              L. Berger (Brandeis), Limits of crystalline representations

Mar. 14: S. Ahlgren (UIUC), Weierstrass points on modular curves and supersingular j-invariants
              A. Saikia (CICMA), Selmer groups of elliptic curves with complex multiplication

Mar. 21: S. Lang (Yale), On the Bateman-Horn conjecture
              E. Goren (McGill), Local models and displays

Mar. 28: K. Consani (Toronto), Arithmetic on a quintic threefold
              J. McKay (Concordia), Some light on Moonshine?

Apr. 11: M. Spies (Nottingham), Logarithmic differential forms on $p$-adic symmetric spaces
              G. Shimura (Princeton), The relative regulator of an algebraic extension

Apr. 25: M. Bhargava (Princeton), Higher composition laws and applications to number fields
              L. Smithline (Cornell), Compact Operators with Rational Generating Functions

Fall 2001

Aug. 16: Rachel Pries (Columbia), Rigidity, Reduction and Ramification

Aug. 23: Abdelmejid Bayad (Evry), Weierstrass units and Euler Systems

Sept 6: I. Vardi (IHES), Leading digits, lattice points and algebraic numbers
              I. Vardi (IHES), Leading digits, lattice points and algebraic numbers

Sept 13: A. Prasad (Concordia, McGill \& CRM), On Automorphic Forms for Split Semi-simple Groups on $F_q(t)$
              A. Iovita (U. Washington), Explicit description of the $p$-adic local Galois representations attached to modular forms

Sept 20: Alina Cojocaru (Queens), Elliptic curves modulo p
              B. Moonen (Amsterdam), Serre-Tate theory for PEL moduli spaces

Oct 4: D. Savitt (Concordia, McGill \& CICMA), Modularity of some potentially Barsotti-Tate Galois representations
              M. Reid (U. Mass), Gross' conjecture, the local Stark conjecture and congruences

Oct 18: Ambrus Pal (Concordia, McGill \& CICMA), Heegner Cycles on Drinfeld Modular Varieties
              V. Vatsal (UBC), Distribution of Heegner Points

Nov. 1:  S. Wong (U. Mass), On the Neron-Severi Group of Fibered Varieties
              A. Tupan (Concordia, McGill \& CICMA), Periodicity properties for blocks of coefficients of half integral weight modular forms

Nov. 15: Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas (Austin, Texas \& Harvard), Periods, $L$-functions and Knots
              Brian Conrey (AIM), $L$-functions and random matrix theory

Nov. 16: Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden), Class invariants using Shimura's reciprocity law

Nov. 29: Natalia Archinard (Concordia, McGill \& CICMA), Algebraic values of hypergeometric series
              Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia U), Residues of Eisenstein series twisted by modular symbols

Dec. 6:  Damien Roy (U. Ottawa), Duality and simultaneous algebraic approximation
              J. Fearnley (Concordia), Dirichlet twists of modular $L$-functions

2000-2001 academic year
(The original 2000-2001 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2001

Jan. 11: M. Baker (Harvard), Automorphisms of Modular Curves
              Y. Petridis (McGill), Subconvexity results for $L$-functions and quantum unique ergodicity
              D. Dummit (U Vermont), Bicolored Steiner triple systems and a CM elliptic curve

Jan. 25: R. Pries (Columbia), Deformations of wildly ramified covers of curves
              K. Murty (Toronto), Splitting of primes in infinite extensions

Feb. 15: C.-F. Yu (Columbia), On the supersingular locus of Hilbert-Blumenthal varieties
              M. Emerton (Chicago), Towards a notion of $p$-adic automorphic representation

Mar. 1:  W. Duke (UCLA), Remarks on division fields of elliptic curves
              K. Ono (Wisconsin), The arithmetic of Borcherds products and $p$-adic modular forms

Mar. 15: S. Lang (Yale), Quasi-algebraic closure and rational points on Fano varieties
              R. Murty (Queen's), Pair correlation, Chebotarev and Lang-Trotter

Mar. 29: M. Bhargava (Princeton), The representation of integers by quadratic forms
              Shou-Wu Zhang (Columbia), Gross-Zagier formula for $GL(2)$

Apr. 12: D. Thakur (Arizona), Patterns in finite characteristic numbers
              J. Ellenberg (Princeton), Galois representations to GL$(2, F_9)$

Apr. 19: P. Cassou-Nogues (Bordeaux), Quadratic forms attached to a tame covering of schemes
              E. Goren (McGill), Hilbert modular forms: Theta, U, V and filtration

Apr. 26: H. Darmon (McGill), Elliptic curves and class fields
              J. Coates (Cambridge), Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves

May 10: C. Stewart (McGill), Universal deformations, rigidity and Ihara's cocycle
              K. Srinivas (Queen's), On the uniform distribution of certain sequences
              K. Chakraborty (Queen's), Exponent of the class groups of cyclic cubic fields

May 17: B. Mazur (Harvard), A question of signs in the anti-cyclotomic arithmetic of elliptic curves Quebec-Wide graduate students conference
              M. Waldschmidt (Jussieu), Algebraic relations between multiple zeta values

Fall 2000

Sept 7: D. Dummit (U Vermont), Introduction to the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture - I: The Serre Conjecture
              H. Darmon (McGill), Introduction to the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture - II: Overview of Taylor's paper
              F. Pappalardi (Rome II), Enumerating permutation polynomials

Sept 28: I. Bouw (U. Penn), Modular curves and reduction of covers
              H. Darmon (McGill), Introduction to the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture - III: Overview of Taylor's paper
              E. Goren (McGill), Introduction to the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture - IV: Approximation theorems

Oct 12: F. Gouvea (Colby college) (TBC), Where the Slopes Are
              D. Grant (U. Colorado), Singular Torsion on Elliptic Curves
              J. Silverman (Brown), Canonical Heights and Lehmer's Conjecture: Classical, Elliptic and Dynamical

Oct 26: A. Ash (Boston College), An n-dimensional generalization of Serre's conjecture
              J. Friedlander (Toronto), Class group $L$-functions, amplification, and Kloosterman fractions

Nov. 9:  C. Popescu (John Hopkins), Stark's question for $L$-functions of order of vanishing 2 at s=0 and a strong form of Brumer's Conjecture
              R. Jardine (U Western Ontario), Stacks and Transfers

Nov. 16: W. Stein, Visibility of Shafarevich Tate groups
              B. Conrad, Breuil modules with examples I

Nov. 30: E. Goren (McGill), Introduction to the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture - Part V: Approximation
              H. Kisilevsky (Concordia), Introduction to the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture - Part VI: Analytic continuation and functional equations of $L$-functions
              A. Rajeai (CICMA), Introduction to the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture - Part VII: Associating Galois representations to modular forms

Dec. 7:  J. Achter, Counting Hilbert-Blumenthal abelian varieties
              A. Sikora (CRM \& UQAM), Towards unification of number theory and 3-dimensional topology

1999-2000 academic year
(The original 1999-2000 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 2000

Jan. 6:  R. Ramakrishna (Cornell), Deforming global Galois representations
              B. Gross (Harvard), Cubic fields and the construction of lattices

Jan. 20: A. Akbary (Concordia), Descending rational points on elliptic curves to smaller fields
              E. Goren (McGill), Hilbert modular forms modulo p and applications

Feb. 3:  A. Pal (Columbia), Drinfeld modular curves, Heegner points and interpolation of special values
              D. Abramovich (Boston U), Factorization of birational maps

Feb. 17: P. Gunnells (Columbia), Modular forms, toric varieties, and non vanishing of L functions
              V. Vatsal (UBC), Supersingular points and special values

Mar. 2:  A. Agboola (Santa-Barbara), Arithmetic class invariants
              Fabrizio Andreatta (Utrecht \& MIT), Neron models of Jacobians of stable curves

Mar. 16: Y. Varshavsky (Toronto), On the characterization of complex Shimura varieties
              S. Lang (Yale), Spectral parabolic induction on $SL_n$

Mar. 30: Ralph Greenberg (U. Washington), The Iwasawa invariants for elliptic curves
              E. Kani (Queen's), Equivariant Atkin-Lehner theory on $X(N)$

Apr. 13: H. Koch (Berlin), The theorem of Shafarevich in the theory of class formations
              M. Kolster (McMaster), Special values of zeta functions

Apr. 19: M. Kolster, The Lichtenbaum conjecture; The K-theory of Z and some classical conjectures in number theory
              R. Murty (Queen's), ABC and prime divisors of Lucas sequences

Fall 1999

Sept 9: Nikolaos Diamantis (McMaster), Period polynomials and derivatives of $L$-functions
              F. Diamond (Brandeis), Modularity of Elliptic Curves

Sept 23: Masato Kuwata (Caen), Quadratic twists of an elliptic curve and hyperelliptic curves with split Jacobian
              Peter Schneider (Muenster), $p$-adic boundary values

Oct 7: Catherine O'Neil (MIT), Curves of genus one and their Jacobians
              Srinath Baba (Queen's), Shimura curve quotients and the Cassels-Tate pairing

Oct 21: Jeremy Teitelbaum (U. Illinois at Chicago), $p$-adic distributions and continuous $p$-adic representations
              C. Skinner (IAS), Base Change and a Problem of Serre

Nov. 4:  L. Lafforgue (Paris sud), The Langlands conjecture for GL$_n$ over function fields
              H. Darmon (McGill), Uniformization by $H x H_p$ and rational points on elliptic curves

Nov. 18: R. Schoof (Universita' di Roma, Tor Vergata), Abelian varieties over real quadratic fields with good reduction everywhere
              H. Farkas (Hebrew U.), A problem in combinatorial number theory (the mysterious sevens)

Dec. 2:  A. Rajaei (CICMA), Hilbert Modular Forms Modulo l
              Imin Chen (CICMA), Explicit description of some jacobian relations

1998-1999 academic year
(The original 1998-99 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 1999

Jan. 7:  Imin Chen (CICMA), Mini-course: Modular Forms and Modular Curves I
              Saar David Hersonsky (Caltech), Diophatine approximation and hyperbolic geometry

Jan. 14: Imin Chen (CICMA), Mini-course: Modular Forms and Modular Curves III
              Katia Consani (MIT), Algebraic cycles and arithmetic on degenerations

Jan. 21: Andreas Schweizer (CICMA), Mini-course: Automorphic Forms over Function Fields I
              Jeff Achter (University of Masachussetts), Hilbert-Siegel moduli spaces in positive characteristic

Jan. 28: Andreas Schweizer (CICMA), Mini-course: Automorphic Forms over Function Fields III
              Adrian Iovita (University of Washington), The $p$-adic Abel-Jacobi map and $p$-adic $L$-functions of modular forms

Feb. 4:  Adrian Iovita (University of Washington), Mini-course: Topics in $p$-adic Galois Representations I
              Neal Koblitz (University of Washington), Description and Analysis of Joseph Silverman's Attack on the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem

Feb. 11: Adrian Iovita (University of Washington), Mini-course: Topics in $p$-adic Galois Representations III
              Francesco Pappalardi (University of Rome III), On binary Egyptian fractions

Feb. 18: Eyal Goren (CICMA), Mini-course: Hilbert Modular Varieties I
              Eyal Goren (CICMA), Mini-course: Hilbert Modular Varieties II

Mar. 4:  Andrew Granville (University of Georgia), Mini-course: The spectrum of multiplicative values I
              Bill Banks (University of Missouri), Some expressions for the values of the Riemann zeta function at odd positive integers

Mar. 11: Daniel Lieman (University of Missouri), Bounds on exponential sums and applications to cryptography
              Alexandru Zaharescu (CICMA), Trace on $C_p$ , generating degrees and $p$-adic $L$-functions

Mar. 18: Jean-Francois Mestre (Universit\'e de Paris VII), Mini-course: Polynomial Constructions, Galois Theory and Elliptic Curves I
              Serge Lang (Yale University), Spherical Transforms, (Harish-Chandra Inversion \& the Heat Kernel)

Mar. 25: Jean-Francois Mestre (Universit\'e de Paris VII), Mini-course: Polynomial Constructions, Galois Theory and Elliptic Curves III
              Jorge Morales (Louisiana State University), On the Hasse-Witt invariant of the Killing form

Apr. 8:  Johan de Jong (MIT), Stratification by Newton Polygon
              Eyal Goren (CICMA), Cobordism and modular forms

Apr. 15: Abdellah Sebbar (CICMA), Classification theorem for congruence groups
              Torsten Wedhorn (MIT), A generaliztion of Eichler-Shimura theory

Apr. 22: Masato Kuwata (Universit\'e de Caen), Points on elliptic curves defined over cyclic cubic fields and generalized Kummer surfaces
              Fiona Murnaghan (University of Toronto), Mini-course: Representations of reductive $p$-adic groups II

Apr. 29: Fiona Murnaghan (University of Toronto), Mini-course: Representations of reductive $p$-adic groups IV

May 13: Brett Tangedal (College of Charleston), Computing with Stark's Rank One Abelian Conjecture
              David Hayes (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), Aligning Brumer-Stark elements into a Hecke character

June 17: Yann Bugeaud (Universit\'e de Strasbourg), Autour de l'equation diophantienne $(x^n - 1)/(x - 1) = y^q$

Fall 1998

Sept. 17: Massimo Bertolini (Universita de Pavia), Mini-course: Iwasawa theory of modular forms I
              David Solomon (King's College), Stark's Conjecture in terms of twisted Zeta-functions

Sept. 24: Massimo Bertolini (Universita de Pavia), Mini-course: Iwasawa theory of modular forms III
              Werner Bley (Augsburg University (RFA)), Elliptic curves and Galois module structure

Oct. 1:  Alexandru Zaharescu (CICMA), Mod p reduction of algebraic varieties, discrepancies and short exponential sums
              Stephen Kudla (University of Maryland), A peculiar modular form of weight 1

Oct. 8 Workshop on Algebraic modular forms and modular forms mod $p$

Oct. 15: Chris Skinner (Institute for Advanced Study), Mini-course: Ordinary representations and modular forms I
              Chris Skinner (Institute for Advanced Study), Mini-course: Ordinary representations and modular forms II

Oct. 22: Chris Skinner (Institute for Advanced Study), Mini-course: Ordinary representations and modular forms IV
              Henri Darmon (McGill University), $p$-adic uniformization and the Birch Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture

Nov. 5:  Ram Murty (Queens University), Survey of Sieve methods I
              C. S. Rajan (Tata Institute), Mini-course: Rankin-Selberg $L$-functions I

Nov. 12: Ram Murty (Queens University), Survey of Sieve methods III
              C. S. Rajan (Tata Institute), Mini-course: Rankin-Selberg $L$-functions III

Nov. 19: Ram Murty (Queens University), Survey of Sieve methods V
              Cornelius Greither (Laval University), Galois - Cohen - Lenstra heuristics

Dec. 10: Xavier Roblot (CICMA), Stark's Conjectures and Hilbert's Twelfth Problem
              Jonathan Sands (University of Vermont), The Story of Base Change for the Brumer-Stark Conjecture

1997-1998 academic year
(The original 1997-98 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 1998

Jan. 22: Wenzhi Luo (Princeton University), On the distribution of values of symmetric square $L$-functions at 1
              Niranjan Ramachandran (University of Michigan), Naive introduction to mixed Hodge structures and motives

Jan. 29: Kamal Khuri-Makdisi (Harvard University), On the curves associated to certain rings of automorphic forms
              Francesco Sica (McGill University), Order of vanishing of $L$-functions at the center of the critical strip

Feb. 5:  Eyal Goren (CICMA), Hilbert modular varieties in positive characteristic
              Greg Anderson (University of Minnesota), Fermionic Fock space over a local ring

Feb. 19: Georgios Pappas (Princeton University), Galois modules and $L$-functions
              Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler (Universitat des Saarlandes), On the cuspidal group of a Drinfeld modular curve

Mar. 5:  Dihua Jiang (Yale University), Nonvanishing of special values of automorphic $L$-functions
              Gerhard Niklasch (Technische Universitat Munichen), Unit equations

Mar. 19: Tonghai Yang (University of Michigan), Special Values of $L$-functions at the center
              Serge Lang (Yale University), Twisting Eisenstein series with the heat kernel

Mar. 26: David Goss (Ohio State University), Analytic continuation of integrals in characteristic $p$, I
              David Goss (Ohio State University), Analytic continuation of integrals in characteristic $p$, II

Apr. 16: Chantal David (Concordia University), Galois representations with non-surjective traces
              Hershy Kisilevsky (Concordia University), Vanishing of twists of $L$-functions

Apr. 30: Barry Mazur (Harvard University), $p$-adic interpolation of modular forms
              Abdellah Sebbar (CICMA), Weight 4 automorphic forms for some Fuchsian groups

Fall 1997

Sept. 11: Imin Chen (McGill University), Relations between jacobians of certain modular curves
              Christian Popescu (University of Texas at Austin), Stark-type conjectures $\Bbb Z$

Sept. 25: Hendrik Lenstra (University of California at Berkeley), On the factorization of lacunary polynomials
              Andrew Granville (University of Georgia), Mean values of multiplicative functions: Decay and Superdecay

Oct. 11: Ravi Ramakrishna (Yale University), Deforming an even Galois Representation
              Adrian Iovita (CICMA), $p$-Adic Height Pairings for Abelian Varieties with Semistable Ordinary Reduction

Oct. 16: Amir Akbary (Concordia University), Non-Vanishing of Modular $L$-Functions with Large Level
              Andreas Schweizer (CICMA), On elliptic curves over function fields of characteristic 2

Nov. 6:  Christopher Skinner (Institute for Advanced Study), Ordinary modular forms and Galois representations
              Henri Darmon (McGill University), Hyperelliptic curves, (Hilbert modular forms, and Fermat's Last theorem)

Nov. 20: Nike Vatsal (University of Toronto), Heegner points and hyperbolic periods
              Pietro Cornacchia (University of Pisa), Ideal class groups of cyclotomic fields

Dec. 4:  David Dummit (University of Vermont), Report on some work of Anderson and Das - Algebraic products of Gamma function values
              Gaeten Hach\'e (CICMA), Effective Riemann-Roch Theorem

1996-1997 academic year
(The original 1996-97 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 1997

Jan. 16: Fred Diamond (MIT), Liberating deformations of Galois representations
              R. Coleman (University of California at Berkeley), $p$-adic perturbations

Jan. 30: Sol Friedberg (Boston College / University of California at Santa Cruz), $L$-functions attached to metaplectic automorphic forms
              Henri Darmon (McGill University), Stark-Heegner points over real quadratic fields

Feb. 13: David Cardon (Queen's University), A Riemann Hypothesis for Metaplectic Whittaker Functions
              Lloyd Simons (Saint Michael's College), On Demuskin Formations for p=2

Feb. 27: Kamal Khuri-Makdisi (Harvard University), Representations of SL(2)xG when SL(2)xG is not quite a dual pair
              Helena Verrill (Queen's University), The $L$-series of a certain pencil of K3 surfaces

Mar. 20: Serge Lang (Yale University), Eigenfunction expansions of the Heat Kernel on $Pos_n / GL_n (Z)$
              Ren\'e Schoof (Universit\'a di Roma Tor Vergata), Wiles's criterion for complete intersections

Mar. 27: Richard Taylor (Harvard University), Modularity of some more elliptic curves
              YuanLin Li (Memorial University Newfoundland), Generalized Unitary Units in Integral Group Rings

Apr. 10: Glenn Stevens (Boston University), $p$-Adic Modular Forms and Modular Curves
              Glenn Stevens (Boston University), $p$-Adic Integration and Families of Modular Forms

Apr. 17: Hershy Kisilevsky (Concordia University), Vanishing of twists of $L$-values
              Loic Merel (University of California at Berkeley), Even modular Galois representations?

Apr. 24: Ram Murty (McGill University / Queen's University), The exponents of class groups of imaginary quadratic fields
              Michael Rosen (Brown University), Elliptic Surfaces - Conjectures of Nagao and Tate

May 1:  Eyal Goren (Harvard University), Special values of theta functions of genus 2
              Andrew Odlyzko (Minnesota), The $10^{21$-st zero of the Riemann zeta function

June 18: Gautami Bhowmik (Universit\'e de Valenciennes), Zeta Function Associated to Subgroups of Finite Abelian Groups
              Chantal David (Concordia University), Curves with surjective Galois representations

Fall 1996

Sept. 12: Lisa Fastenberg (CICMA), Mordell-Weil groups in procyclic extensions
              Yiannis Petridis (McGill University), Special values of nonholomorphic Eisenstein series and Rankin-Selberg convolutions

Sept. 26: Massimo Bertolini (Universit\'a di Pavia), $p$-adic uniformization and $p$-adic $L$-functions
              Berhnard Kock (Universitat Karlsruhe), On Adams operations on locally free class groups

Oct. 10: Jean-Pierre Serre (Coll\`ege de France), Equipartition of Frobenius angles
              Doug Ulmer (University of Arizona), $L$-series of automorphic forms over function fields

Oct. 24: Lindsay Childs (SUNY at Albany), Taming wild extensions with Hopf algebras
              Jurgens Klueners (Technical University (Berlin) and CICMA), On Computing Subfields of Algebraic Number Fields

Nov. 7:  Daniel Goldstein (University of Vermont), Tamely ramified representations of $p$-adic groups
              Ken-Ichuro Kimura (Queen's University), $K_2$ of a Fermat quotient and the value of its $L$-function

Nov. 21: Bjorn Poonen (Princeton University), Explicit descent on Jacobians of cyclic covers of the projective line
              Andreas Schweizwer (CICMA), Strong Weil curves over $F_2(T)$

Dec. 5:  Anna Rio (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), Some questions regarding the modularity of octahedral Galois representations
              Adrian Iovita (CICMA), Good Reduction of Abelian Varieties and Fontaine's Theory

Dec. 19: Ram Murty (McGill University / Queen's University), Autour de ABC
              Omar Kihel (CICMA), Pell's equation and elliptic curves

1995-1996 academic year
(The original 1995-96 QVNTS webpage)

Winter 1996

Jan. 25: Ram Murty (McGill University), Artin's conjecture on primitive roots and elliptic analogues
              David Hayes (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), Analytic continuation via Fourier analysis

Feb. 8:  Nigel Boston (University of Illinois), Some developments in Galois representations
              Nigel Boston (University of Illinois), Dirichlet series attached to (pro)infinite groups

Feb. 22: Cornelius Greither (Universit\'e Laval), Integral normal bases in tame abelian extensions of imaginary quadratic fields
              Werner Lutkebohmert (Ulm University / IAS), The structure of proper $p$-adic groups

Mar. 7:  C.S. Rajan (McGill University), Density results for characters, strong multiplicity one, and non-normal cubic lift
              Josep Gebel (CICMA), Computing integer points on elliptic curves over the rationals with applications to Mordell's equation

Mar. 21: Serge Lang (Yale University), Zeta functions and Heat Kernels on Hilbert-Asai Modular varieties
              Serge Lang (Yale University), Recent work on the Shafarevich Conjecture for K3 Surfaces

Mar. 29: Ravi Raghunathan (Yale University), A converse theorem for Dirichet series with poles
              Yuri Zarhin (Pennsylvania State University), $p$-adic abelian integrals and Neron pairings

Apr. 4:  Linghsueh Shu (University of Vermont), Periodic and non-periodic counting sequences
              David Dummit (University of Vermont), Two remarks: on a theorem of Armitage-Frohlich and on embedding global torsion in local torsion

Apr. 18: Karl Rubin (Ohio State University), Euler systems for $p$-adic representations I
              Karl Rubin (Ohio State University), Euler systems for $p$-adic representations II

May 2:  Ken Kramer (Queen's College (CUNY)), Bounding conductors of abelian varieties over local fields
              Francesco Pappalardi (University of Rome III), On the existence of normal basis over finite fields related to the Gauss Sums

Fall 1995

Sept. 7:  Ram Murty (McGill University), On the abc conjecture
              David Dummit (University of Vermont), Computing Stark units for totally real cubic fields

Sept. 21: Linghsueh Shu (University of Vermont), Class numbers of cyclotomic extensions of function fields
              Cornelius Greither (Universit\'e Laval), On Chinburg's second conjecture

Oct. 5:  C.S. Rajan (McGill University), On the size of the Shafarevich-Tate groups of elliptic curves over function fields
              David Hayes (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), How to use Stark's conjecture to solve $a^2+b^2 = p$

Oct. 19: Harold Stark (University of California at San Diego), Path Zeta Functions of Graphs
              Seon-In Kwon (CICMA), Quaternion Covers of Elliptic Curves

Nov. 2:  Hershy Kisilevsky (Concordia University), Survey talk on Iwasawa theory
              William Banks (CICMA), The nonexistence of Siegel zeroes on GL(3)

Nov. 16: Barry Mazur (Harvard University), Families of modular eigenforms
              Guenther Frei (Universit\'e Laval), On the development leading to Artin's reciprocity law

Nov. 30: Jiu-Kang Yu (Princeton University), The Cohen-Lenstra heuristic in the function field case
              Li Guo (Institute for Advanced Study), Special values of $L$-functions and Iwasawa theory

Dec. 14: Damien Roy (University of Ottawa), Simultaneous approximation and algebraic independence
              Ted Chinburg (University of Pennsylvania), The inverse problem of Galois module structure theory

1994-1995 academic year

Winter 1995

Jan. 12: Ram Murty (McGill University), The rank of $J_0(N)$
              Jorge Morales (Louisiana State University), Gaussian periods mod p and Vandiver's conjecture

Jan. 26: Chantal David (Concordia University), Average Frobenius Distributions of Elliptic Curves
              Hershy Kisilevsky (Concordia University), Torsion in Abelian Galois Groups

Feb. 9:  Jonathan Sands (University of Vermont), An introduction to Stark's conjectures
              Karl Rubin (Ohio State University), A refined Stark conjecture for abelian L-functions with multiple zeroes

Feb. 23: Gisbert Wuestholz (ETH and IAS), On Faltings' Product Theorem
              Gisbert Wuestholz (ETH and IAS), Logarithms and Integrals

Mar. 9:  Serge Lang (Yale University), Heat kernels and theta inversion
              Serge Lang (Yale University), Gauss transforms and new zeta functions

Mar. 16: John H. Conway (Princeton University), A remarkable integer sequence
              Ralph Greenberg (U. of Washington), Kummer theory of abelian varieties

Mar. 30: Rene Schoof (Universita di Roma 2 ), Abelian varieties over cyclotomic fields with good reduction everywhere
              Kumar Murty (U. of Toronto), Weil Cycles

Apr. 6:  J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course
              Rene Schoof (Universita di Roma 2), On Iwasawa invariants

Apr. 13: J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course
              J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course

Apr. 20: Kevin Coombes (U. of Maryland, College Park)
              Tamara Lefcourt (U. of Pennsylvannia)

Apr. 27: J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course
              J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course

May 4:  J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course
              J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course

May 11: J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course
              J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course

May 18: J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course
              J-F. Mestre (Universite de Paris 7), Course

Fall 1994

Aug. 31: Joe Silverman (Brown University), Lehmer's conjecture, exceptional units and small Salem numbers

Sept. 8:  Helmut Koch (Berlin), Generalizations of Local Class Field Theory
              Farshid Hajir (Caltech), The Rank of Ideal Class Groups and the Fontaine-Mazur Conjecture

Oct. 20: David Hayes (U. Massachussetts at Amherst), Computing conductors of Jacobi Sum Hecke characters via Eisenstein
              Andrew Granville (University of Georgia), It's as easy as abc

Oct. 27: Liem Mai (McGill University), On Root Numbers
              Songjie Ren (University of Vermont), The Hilbert analogue of Henri Cohen's Eisenstein series

Nov. 3:  David Harbater (University of Pennsylvania), Galois groups with prescribed ramification
              Dan Goldston (University of Toronto), A lower bound method for primes

Nov. 10: Bret Tangedal (University of Vermont), A question of Stark
              Conjeeveram S. Rajan (McGill University), The work of Kamienny and Merel

Nov. 17: Richard Taylor (Cambridge University), Modular forms and Elliptic curves (d'apres Wiles)
              Richard Taylor (Cambridge University), Rings of Hecke Operators

24 Nov.: Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France), Trace forms
              Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France), Sous-groupes finis des groupes de Lie

25 Nov.: Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France), Quelques problhmes sur les nombres premiers

Dec. 1:  Massimo Bertolini (Universite de Pavia), More Heegner points on Mumford-Tate curves
              Fred Diamond (Cambridge University), More Rings of Hecke operators

Dec. 8:  Seon-In Kwon (University of Pennsylvania), De Rham invariant on the minimal model of an elliptic curve
              Shreeram Abhyankar (Purdue University), Nice equations for nice groups

Dec. 9:  Shreeram Abhyankar (Purdue University), Hilbert's thirteenth problem
              Fernando Gouvea (Colby College), Fermat's Last Theorem

1993-1994 academic year

Winter 1994

Jan. 20: Marvin Knopp (Temple University), The Riemann-Hecke-Bochner Correspondence
              Ram Murty (McGill University), Some Reflections on Selberg's Conjectures
              Marvin Knopp (Temple University), Hamburger's Theorem

Jan. 27: Eric Liverance (Concordia University), $x^3 + y^3 = p$
              Henri Darmon (Princeton), Report from Hong Kong

Feb. 10: Prof. Juerg Kramer (Universite Laval), A generalization of the N\'eron-Tate height

Mar. 3:  M. Zaidenberg (University of Grenoble), Cyclic Algebraic Surfaces
              R. Murty (McGill University), A reciprocity law for supersolvable Galois extensions

Mar. 10: Roland Gillard (Institut Fourier), Construction of Flach elements in symetric square
              Roland Gillard (Institut Fourier), About Kolyvagin's method

Mar. 17: Serge Lang (Yale University), Explicit Formulas \& Theta-invariants
              Serge Lang (Yale University), Jorgenson-Todorov's discriminant for $K_3$ Surfaces

Mar. 31: Jorge Morales (Louisiana State University), Systems of Quadratic Forms

May 5:  Yves Martin (CRM), Modular invariance of replicable functions
              Ozlem Imamoglu (Dartmouth College), Theta functions and the Kabota map for the symplectic group

Fall 1993

Sept. 23: H. Kisilevsky (Concordia), Abelian Galois Groups of Finitely Generated Fields
              Y. Martin (Concordia U.), On Multiplicative eta-quotients

Oct. 7:  Volker Mueller (University of Saarland), Computing the number of points on elliptic curves over finite fields of characteristic greater than 3
              David Dummit (University of Vermont), The Mordell-Weil groups of some CM elliptic curves
              Jonathan Sands (University of Vermont), How to express a relative class number as a determinant

Oct. 21: Chantal David (Concordia), Average Lang-Trotter Conjecture for Drinfeld Modules
              Francesco Pappalardi (CRM)

Oct. 28: Karl Rubin (Ohio State University), An overview of Wiles' proof
              Karl Rubin (Ohio State University), Selmer groups and deformations of Galois representations
              Karl Rubin (Ohio State University), The solving of Fermat's Last Theorem (Public lecture)

Nov. 4:  Fernando Q. Gouvea (Colby College), Modular deformations of Galois representations
              Kumar Murty (University of Toronto), Average values of L-functions
              Henri Darmon (Princeton University), Courbes elliptiques et equations de Fermat generalisees
              Jurg Kramer (ETH, Zurich), {\sl Le dernier Theoreme de Fermat (conference populaire)

Nov. 11: A. Buium (I.A.S., Princeton), The ABC Theorem for Abelian Varieties
              S. Abdulali (CICMA), Algebraic Cycles on Abelian Varieties

Nov. 18: Jonathan Sands (University of Vermont), Imaginary quadratic fields with non-trivial lambda invariants
              B. Mazur (Harvard University), Questions related to uniform bounds for numbers of rational points

Dec. 2:  A. Geramita (Queen's University), Zero-dimensional subschemes of projective n-space in the study of curves and surfaces
              H. Kisilevsky (Concordia University)

Dec. 9:  Enrico Bombieri (I.A.S. Princeton), Remarks on the analytic complexity of zeta functions
              Enrico Bombieri (I.A.S. Princeton), New effective methods in diophantine approximation

1992-1993 academic year

Winter 1993

Jan. 7:  J. Conway (Princeton), Understanding quadratic reciprocity without understanding squares or primes
              J. Conway (Princeton), Classifying quadratic forms without understanding ANYTHING

Jan. 21: R. Murty (McGill University), Some new results on supersingular primes
              S. Shokranian (U. of Toronto), Cyclic Galois groups and local trace formula

Jan. 28: Glenn Stevens (Boston University), Towards a Lambda-adic theory of autmorphic forms
              Roland Martin (McGill University), An application of quantum group theory to the classification problem for Igusa local zeta functions

Feb. 4:  Manfred Kolster (McMaster University), Etale K-theory and some classical conjectures in number theory
              Liem Mai (C.R.M.), Value of L-Functions at the Critical Points

Feb. 18: Jan Nekovar (Berkeley), p-adic cohomology and values of L-functions
              Juerg Kramer (ETH, Zurich), The arithmetic theory of Siegel-Jacobi forms

Mar. 11: Serge Lang (Yale University), Analytic Number \& Spectral Theory I
              Serge Lang (Yale University), Analytic Number \& Spectral Theory II

Mar. 25: F. Pappallardi (McGill), On a Conjecture of Zassenhaus on primes
              J. Borwein (Waterloo and Dalhousie), A History of the computation of Pi

Apr. 8:  Michel Emsalem (Paris VII), Dessins d'enfant
              Michel Emsalem (Paris VII), Deformations de revetements de P1

Apr. 22: R. Murty (McGill), How big is sha?
              M. Kuwata (McGill), On the rank of Quadratic twists of elliptic curves

May 13: H. Darmon (Princeton University), Stickelberger elements and S-units
              D. Dummit (University of Vermont), Computations on Some CM Elliptic Curves

\centerline {\smc Fall 1992

Oct. 8:  Pierre Cartier (Ecole Normale Superieur), Naming Real Algebraic Numbers
              Masato Kuwata (McGill University), Rank of quadratic twists of elliptic curves

Oct. 29: V. Jha (Concordia University), Stickelberger's Theorem \& Applications
              F. Gouvea (Colby College), P-adic modular forms of weight zero

Nov. 12: A.O.L. Atkin (University of Illinois at Chicago), Number of Points on Elliptic Curves
              A.O.L. Atkin (University of Illinois at Chicago), Orthogonal Polynomials in j and Supersingular Equations

Nov. 19: David Ginzburg (Ohio State University), An Introduction to the Langlands' Analytic Conjectures
              David Ginzburg (Ohio State University), On Some Symmetric k-th power L-functions for GL(n)

Dec. 3:  Henri Darmon (Princeton), Descent on $P_1\setminus \{0,1, \infty\$ and the generalized Fermat equation

Dec. 10: Yasuhiro Goto (Queen's University), The Tate conjecture for certain weighted projective surfaces
              Lloyd Simons (St. Michael's College), The Galois-Invariant Structure of the Norm Residue Symbol for Tamely-Ramified Extensions of local fields

1991-1992 academic year

Winter 1992

Jan. 23: P. Ribenboim (Queen's University), Squares in Lucas Sequences
              R. Murty (McGill), Brun's Sieve

Feb. 13: M. Kuwata (McGill), Elliptic Pencils on K3 Surfaces with Large Picard Number
              D. Dummit (University of Vermont), Computing the Drinfeld Module for Hypereliptic Curves

Mar. 5:  B. Berndt (University of Illinois), Ramanujan's Notebooks I
              B. Berndt (University of Illinois), Ramanujan's Notebooks II

Mar. 12: M. Olivier (Universite de Bordeaux), Enumerating Algebraic Number Fields and Computing their Galois Groups
              F. Diaz y Diaz (Universite de Bordeaux), Computing Class Numbers using the Subexponential Algorithm

Mar. 19: S. Lang (Yale University), The Heat Kernel and the Artin Formalism of $L$-Functions
              S. Lang (Yale University), Degeneracy of the Spectrum of the Laplace Operator and Jorgenson's Proof of a Conjecture of Deligne

Apr. 9:  M.S. Raghunathan (Tata Institute), The Congruence Subgroup Problem
              R. Murty (McGill), Euclidean Rings

Apr. 23: E. Fouvry (Paris -- Orsay), Average Behaviour of Elliptic Curves
              T. Stefanicki (McGill), Zeros of L-functions of Automorphic Forms

May 7:  E. De Shalit (Princeton University), Modular Curves and p-adic Period
              R. Murty (McGill), The Distribution of Super Singular Primes

May 21: D. Rohrlich (Maryland), Families of elliptic curves: rank of the familyand rank of the fibers
              M. Hindry (Paris VII), Hauteurs locales et globales sur les varietes abeliennes

Fall 1991

Aug. 15: Y. Tschinkel (MIT), Impressions from Seattle Motives, $L$-Functions, etc.
              D. Ramakrishnan (Caltech), The Tate Conjecture for Quaternionic Shimura Surfaces

Aug. 29: M. Waldschmidt (Institut Poincar\'e), Logarithms of Algebraic Points on Algebraic Groups

Sept. 5:  Y. Zarhin (Moscow), Tate Conjecture for Abelian Varieties Over Finite Fields with Certain Newton Polygons
              L. Mai (CRM), Average Ranks of Certain Elliptic Curves (d'apr\`es Fouvry)

Sept. 19: J. Im (CRM ), Special Values of Symmetric Square $L$-Functions
              K. Murty (University of Toronto), Langland's Recipe for r

Sept. 26: I. Connell (McGill), Good Reduction of Elliptic Curves in Abelian Extensions
              D. Dummit (University of Vermont), Hecke Characters of CM Elliptic Curves

Oct. 10: K. Murty (University of Toronto), Hodge Conjecture for Abelian Varieties
              D. Dorman (Middlebury College), What is the Analogue of Gross Zagier in Function Fields?

Oct. 17: D. Goss (Ohio State University), Arithmetics in Function Fields
              D. Prasad (Tata Institute), Restriction of an $SO(n)$ Representation to $SO(n-1)$

Nov. 7:  K. Murty (visiting McGill/CRM), On the Hodge Conjectures
              D. Roy (Concordia/McGill), Simultaneous Approximation in Number Fields

Nov. 21: R. Murty (McGill), Estimating Eigenvalues of Hecke Operators (after Duke \& Iwaniec)
              H. Kisilevsky (Concordia), Abelian Galois Groups over $\Bbb Q(T)$

Dec. 17: J. Oesterle (Paris VI visiting Columbia), On the Number of Solutions of Equations mod $p^n$
              J. Oesterle (Paris VI visiting Columbia), Elliptic Curves with Isomorphic $p$-torsion

1990-1991 academic year

Winter 1991

Jan. 10: F. Gouvea (Queen's University), The Slope Decomposition of Spaces of Modular Forms
              D. Dummit (University of Vermont), Conductors of CM Elliptic Curves

Jan. 31: K. Rubin (Harvard), Stark/Heegner points on Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication I
              K. Rubin (Harvard), Stark/Heegner points on Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication II

Feb. 21: K. Murty (University of Toronto), Quaternionic Shimura Surfaces
              K. Murty (University of Toronto), Non-vanishing Theorems for $L$-Functions

Feb. 28: F. Shahidi (Purdue University), Exterior Square $L$-Functions
              R. Murty (McGill), Selberg's Conjecture on $L$-Functions

Mar. 7:  H. Zimmer (Saarbruecken), Torsion Groups of Elliptic Curves Over Fields of Small Degree
              B. Singh (Tata Institute), Some Cases of Makai's Conjecture

Mar. 14: S. Lang (Yale University), The Special Set of a Projective Variety
              S. Lang (Yale University), The Error Term for Nevanlinna Theory in Coverings

Apr. 4:  A. Selberg (Princeton), Old and New Conjectures about a class of Dirichlet Series
              C. Stewart (Waterloo), Polynomial Congruences, Thue Equations, and the Rank of Elliptic Curves

Apr. 18: T. Zink (University of Toronto), $p$-adic Uniformization
              M. Rosen (Brown University), Automorphisms of Function Fields

Apr. 25: D. Dummit (University of Vermont), On Rubin's Special Units
              R. Murty (McGill), Le Programme de Langlands

May 9:  F. Destremps (CRM), A Generalization of a Theorem of Sen on Extensions of $p$-adic Fields
              R. Murty (McGill), Converse Theory for $GL (1)$

Fall 1990

Sept. 20: R. Borcherds (Cambridge University), Moonshine and Modular Forms
              J. Cremona (Exeter University), Modular Symbols and Computation of Elliptic Curves

Oct. 4:  H. Koch (E. Berlin), Integral Positive Definite Unimodular Lattices
              J. Labute (McGill), Lie Algebras and Central Series of Groups

Oct. 11: J. Cremona (Exeter University), Modular and Elliptic Curves over Imaginary Quadratic Fields
              F. Destremps (CRM), Factorizability, Grothendieck Groups and Galois Module Structure

Oct. 18: A. Parshin (Moscow), Inequalities in Arithmetic Surfaces
              H. Kisilevsky (Concordia), Independence in Function Fields

Nov. 1:  H. Koch (Berlin), Local Definition of Local Galois $\epsilon$-Factors
              N. Stephens (Cardiff), Integral Points on Elliptic Curves

Nov. 8:  J.F. Mestre (Paris VI), Hyperelliptic Curves with Real Multiplications
              J.F. Mestre (Paris VI), Regular extensions of $Q (t)$ with Galois Group $\tilde A_n$

Nov. 22: A. Parshin (Moscow), Diophantine Algebraic Geometry
              H. Darmon (Harvard), Refined Class Number Formulas for Derivatives of $L$-series

Nov. 29: F. Oort (Princeton), Newton Polygons Stratify Moduli Space
              R. Greenberg (Boston University), Proof of the Mazur-Tate-Teitelbaum Conjecture

Dec. 13: F. Destremps (CRM), Sen's Theorem Classifying $p$-adic Fields
              J. Sands (University of Vermont), Semisimplicity of Iwasawa Modules

1989-1990 academic year

Winter 1990

Jan. 11: M. Kuwata (Brown University), Diophantine Problems on Elliptic Surfaces
              H. Darmon (Harvard University), Heegner points and a Theorem of Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer Type

Jan. 18: F. Oort (Utrecht University), Lifting Abelian Varieties from characteristic p
              J. Top (Queens University)

Jan. 25: K. Rubin (Ohio State University), The Main Conjectures I
              K. Rubin (Ohio State University), The Main Conjectures II

Feb. 8:  J. Sands, Travaux de Kolyvagin \`a la Rubin II
              R. Murty, The Sato--Tate Conjecture I

Feb. 15: R. Murty, The Sato--Tate Conjecture II
              F. Thaine, Relations between Units and Jacobi Sums in Prime Cyclotomic Fields II

Mar. 1:  F. Gouvea (Harvard University), The Square--Free Sieve and Ranks of Elliptic Curves
              A. Silverberg (Ohio State University), Adelic Representations and Canonical Models--A Variant of the Isogeny Theorem

Mar. 15: E. Friedman (Penn. State), Regulators of Number Fields
              W. Tautz (Queens University), Supersingular Abelian Varieties

Mar. 22: L. Washington (University of Maryland), Quartic Fields and Modular Curves
              J. Sands, Iwasawa Invariants over Imaginary Quadratic Fields

Apr. 5:  P. Garrett (University of Minnesota), Arithmetic of Automorphic Forms and $L$--functions I
              P. Garrett (University of Minnesota), Arithmetic of Automorphic Forms and $L$--functions II

Apr. 12: D. Dorman, A Factorization Formula for Singular Moduli of Drinfeld Modules
              D. Dorman, Topics in Elliptic Curves

Apr. 26: B. Mazur (Harvard University), Uniform Bounds on Torsion on Elliptic Curves
              G. Anderson (University of Minnesota), Selberg Sums and Integrals

June 28: D. Hayes (UMass. Amherst), Stark's Conjecture and Kolyvagin Euler Systems
              H. Kisilevsky, Semisimplicity in $\Bbb Z_p$--extensions

Fall 1989

Sept. 14: R. Murty, Supersingular Primes
              J. Sands, Vanishing of the Iwasawa $\mu$-invariant

Oct. 6:  J. Sands, Vanishing of the Iwasawa $\mu$-invariant II
              H. Kisilevsky, $p$-adic Limits of Class Numbers

Oct. 19: R. Gupta (Univ. of British Columbia), Genera of Elliptic Division Polynomials
              R. Murty, Recent work on the Density Hypothesis

Nov. 2:  D. Dummit, Formal Groups attached to Elliptic Curves
              H. Williams (University of Manitoba), Shanks' CUFFQI Algorithm

Nov. 16: F. Thaine, Relations between Units and Jacobi Sums in Prime Cyclotomic Fields
              J. Top (Queens University), Detecting Algebraic Cycles by Reducing Mod p

Nov. 30: N. Elkies (Harvard University), Elliptic Curves and Lattices I
              N. Elkies (Harvard University), Elliptic Curves and Lattices II

Dec. 14: J. Buchmann (Saarbrucken), Factorization Algorithms using Number Fields
              J. Sands, Travaux de Kolyvagin \`a la Rubin

1988-1989 academic year

Winter 1989

Jan. 19: H. Kisilevsky, Travaux de Rubin et Kolyvagin II
              J. Sands, Arithmetic of Non-Maximal Orders

Jan. 26: H. Kisilevsky, Travaux de Rubin et Kolyvagin III
              J. Pila, Frobenius Maps and Abelian Varieties

Feb. 9:  R. Murty, Average Values of $L$-series
              D. Dummit, A Result of Hayes on Hecke Characters in Function Fields I

Mar. 2:  S. Lang (Yale University), The abc Conjecture
              D. Dummit, A Result of Hayes on Hecke Characters in Function Fields II

Mar. 16: R. Gupta, Dividing Rational Points on Elliptic Curves
              F. Thaine (Institute for Advanced Study), The Orders of Ideal Class Groups in Prime Cyclotomic Fields

Mar. 30: H. Darmon (Harvard University), Galois Groups over $\Bbb Q(t)$
              J. Minac (Univ. of W. Ontario), Witt Rings and Galois Groups

Apr. 20: D. Thakur, title to be announced

Fall 1988

Sept. 22: R. Murty, Non-vanishing of $L$-series
              Rajiv Gupta (Univ. of British Columbia), Division Fields of CM Elliptic Curves

Oct. 6:  R. Murty, Modular Forms and the Splitting of Polynomials mod p
              M. Emsalem (Paris VII), Travaux de Michel Laurent

Oct. 20: D. Dummit, Some Remarks on Imaginary Quadratic Fields
              R. Murty, Kolyvagin's Proof of the Finiteness of the Tate-Shafarevich Group

Nov. 3:  K. Rubin (Columbia Univ.), Travaux de Kolyvagin I (Proof of the Main Conjectures)
              K. Rubin (Columbia Univ.), Travaux de Kolyvagin II

Nov. 10: H. Stark (M.I.T.), $p$-adic Dirichlet Series
              K. Murty (Univ. of Toronto), Kolyvagin's Analytic Hypothesis

Dec. 8:  H. Kisilevsky, Travaux de Rubin et Kolyvagin I
              D. Hayes (U. Mass Amherst), Are Hecke Characters Implicit in the Brumer-Stark Conjecture?

1987-1988 academic year

Winter 1988

Jan. 21: G. Stevens (Boston Univ.), Kloosterman Sums and Poincare Series for GL$(n)$, I
              G. Stevens (Boston Univ.), Kloosterman Sums and Poincare Series for GL$(n)$, II

Feb. 4:  D. Dummit, Arithmetic of Fermat Curves III - CM and periods
              R. Murty, Remarks on Elliptic Curves

Feb. 18: D. Dummit, Mestre's Construction of Imaginary Quadratic Fields with non-trivial 5- and 7-ranks using Elliptic Curves
              J. Friedlander (Univ. of Toronto), Primes in Arithmetic Progressions

Mar. 3:  K. Rubin (Ohio State / Columbia), The Main Conjecture for Imaginary Quadratic Fields I
              K. Rubin, The Main Conjecture for Imaginary Quadratic Fields II

Mar. 17: R. Greenberg (Univ. of Washington), Remarks on Ramanujan's $\tau$-function
              K. Murty (Univ. of Toronto), The Manin-Drinfeld Theorem and the Ramanujan $\tau$-function

Mar. 24: S. Lang (Yale Univ.), Open Questions in Classical Nevanlinna Theory
              D. Rohrlich (Rutgers Univ.), Non-vanishing of $L$-functions
              S. Lang, Higher Dimensional Nevanlinna Theory

Mar. 31: G. Prasad, Recent Work of Margulis on Davenport's Conjecture
              D. Ford, The Number Theory Computation Software ALGEB

Apr. 14: L. Washington (Univ. of Maryland), Real Subfields of Cyclotomic Fields with Large Class Numbers
              J. Sonn (Yale Univ.), Realizing Double Covers of $S_n$, $A_n$ as Galois Groups over Number Field

Apr. 28: D. Dorman, Introduction to the Arithmetic of Drinfeld Modules
              J. Labute, Wingberg's Characterization of Demuskin Groups

May 5:  A. Wiles (Princeton Univ.), Arithmetic of Totally Real Fields
              A. Wiles (Princeton Univ.), $p$-adic Representations for Totally Real Fields

May 12: B. Gross (Harvard Univ.), Serre's Conjectures on Modular Representations I
              B. Gross (Harvard Univ.), Serre's Conjectures on Modular Representations II

May 19: E. Gekeler (I.A.S. / Max Planck Institute), DeRham Cohomology for Drinfeld Modules
              K.Murty (University of Toronto), Zeroes of Dirichlet $L$-functions

July 7: J. Manin, Points of Bounded Height on Abelian Varieties I
              J. Manin, Points of Bounded Height on Abelian Varieties II

July 22: R. Odoni, Weil Numbers and CM Fields
              R. Murty, Non-vanishing of Derivatives of $L$-functions

July 30: W. Sinnott (Ohio State University), Computing $ \mu $-invariants for Arbitrary CM Fields

Fall 1987

Sept. 10: R. Murty, Supersingular Elliptic Curves
              S. Ramanan (Tata Institute), Embeddings of Abelian Surfaces

Sept. 24: D. Dummit, The Arithmetic of Fermat Curves I
              J. Sands, The Ferrero-Washington Trick

Oct. 8:  D. Dummit, The Arithmetic of Fermat Curves II
              H. Kisilevsky, Kida Formulas

Oct. 29: R. Bedard (Univ. of Ottawa), Hecke Algebras
              G. Anderson (Univ. of MN / Institute for Advanced Study), $p$-torsion in level $l^n$ Fermat Jacobians

Nov. 12: R. Casselman (Univ. of British Columbia), Kottwitz's Theorem on Tamagawa Numbers I
              R. Casselman, Kottwitz's Theorem on Tamagawa Numbers II

Dec. 3:  R. Murty, Primality Testing and Elliptic Pseudoprimes
              R. Foote, Non-monomial Characters and the Artin Conjecture

1986-1987 academic year

Winter 1987

Feb. 12: K. Murty, Abelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication
              H. Kisilevsky, Selmer Groups

Feb. 19: R. Foote, Lusztig-Deligne Representations of Finite Chevalley Groups
              D. Dummit, Principal Homogeneous Spaces

Feb. 26: D. Dummit, Selmer Groups

Mar. 5:  H. Kisilevsky, Selmer Groups

Mar. 12: J. Sands, The $p$-adic Artin Conjecture
              U. Jannsen (MSRI), $L$-adic Cohomology of Abelian Varieties and Galois Cohomology of Algebraic Number Fields

Apr. 2:  S. Lang (Yale Univ.), Vojta's Conjecture
              S. Lang (Yale Univ.), New Insights into Fermat's Last Theorem

Apr. 9:  G. van der Geer (I.A.S.), The Arithmetic of Hilbert Modular Surfaces
              G. van der Geer (I.A.S.), The Geometry of Hilbert Modular Surfaces

May 14: D. Dummit, The Tate Transfer
              M. Rosen (Brown Univ.), Some Relations between Mathematical Invariants

July 21: R. Greenberg (Univ. of Wash./MSRI), Ranks of Elliptic Curves in $\Bbb Z_p$--\it-extensions I
              R. Greenberg (Univ. of Wash./MSRI), Ranks of Elliptic Curves in $\Bbb Z_p$--\it-extensions II

July 23: R. Greenberg (Univ. of Wash./MSRI), Iwasawa Modules and $p$-adic $L$-functions I
              R. Greenberg (Univ. of Wash./MSRI), Iwasawa Modules and $p$-adic $L$-functions II

Aug. 20: G. Stevens (Boston Univ.), A cohomological approach to congruences between modular forms I
              G. Stevens (Boston Univ.), A cohomological approach to congruences between modular forms II

Fall 1986

Sept. 11: H. Kisilevsky, $\Bbb Z_p$-- Extensions of Function Fields
              R. Murty, The Phragmen-Lindelof Theorem and Applications

Sept. 25: R. Murty, The Phragmen-Lindelof Theorem and Applications II
              J. Sands, Iwasawa's Approach to Leopoldt's Conjecture

Oct. 9:  H. Kisilevsky, $\Bbb Z_p$-- Extensions of Function Fields II
              R. Murty, Stark's Method for Lower Bounds for Discriminants

Oct. 23: L. Simons, Galois Structure of the Hilbert Symbol in Tamely Ramified Abelian 2-adic Extensions
              A. Odlyzko (Bell Labs), New Analytic Algorithms in Number Theory

Nov. 6:  D. Dummit, On Results of Thaine and of Greenberg
              R. Foote, Spherical Functions

Nov. 21: K. Rubin (Ohio State / MSRI), CM Elliptic Curves and the Shafarevich-Tate Conjecture

Dec. 4:  H. Iwaniec (Rutgers Univ.), Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms of Half Integral Weight
              D. Dorman, Elkies' Proof of the Infinitude of Supersingular Primes for Elliptic Curves over $\Bbb Q$

Dec. 15: D. Dummit, Greenberg's Partial Converse to Coates and Wiles II
              J. Sands, Leopoldt's Conjecture in Families of Fields

1985-1986 academic year

Winter 1986

Jan. 16: K. Murty, Modular Forms and the Tchebotarev Theorem
              M. Waldschmidt, Diophantine Equations and Transcendence Methods

Jan. 30: K. Murty, Tate's Conjecture for Hilbert Modular Surfaces
              R. Murty, Vaughan's Proof of Bombieri's Theorem

Feb. 13: H. Kisilevsky, $p$-adic $L$-functions
              K. Murty, An Overview of Shimura Curves

Feb. 27: J. Sands (Ohio State, U. of Maine), The Brumer-Stark Conjecture for Abelian Fields
              B. Mazur (Harvard Univ.), Deforming Galois Groups over $\Bbb Q$

Mar. 13: S. Lang (Yale Univ.), Diophantine Geometry and Algebraic Number Theory (Heights and Nevanlinna Theory)
              S. Lang (Yale Univ.), Diophantine Geometry and Hyperbolic Geometry

Mar. 27: D. Dummit, Leopoldt's Conjecture and Stark's Conjecture
              K. Murty, A Variant of a Theorem of Bombieri-Vinogradov

Apr. 17: K. Murty, Holomorphy of Artin $L$-series
              S. Natarajan, Diophantine Approximation on Algebraic Groups

May 1:  D. Dummit, Serre's Result on the Residue of the $p$-adic zeta function at $s = 1$
              H. Kisilevsky, Circular Units, Elliptic Units, and $p$-adic $L$-functions

May 15: R. Langlands (Institute for Advanced Study), Endoscopy and Transfer
              J. Oesterle (Paris VI / Harvard), Supersingular Curves and Modular Curves

Fall 1985

Sept. 12: D.Dummit, Tate`s Formulation of Stark's Conjecture and the Proof in the Function Field Case
              S. Natarajan, Lower Bounds for the Coefficients of Ramanujan's $\tau$-function

Sept. 19: C. Pomerance, Counting Finite Groups

Sept. 26: R. Murty, Integer Points on Curves of Genus 1
              J.Teitelbaum (Harvard Univ.), $p$-adic $L$-functions and Periods of Mumford-Schottky Curves

Oct. 10: R. Murty, Recent Progress on Artin's Conjecture
              J. Labute, The Nilpotent Completion of the Fundamental Group of Smooth Complex Affine Varieties

Oct. 24: D. Dummit, The Brumer-Stark Conjecture (cont.)
              R. Murty, Some Remarks on an Improvement in the Chebotarov Density Theorem

Nov. 1:  M. Waldschmidt (Institute for Advanced Study), Large Transcendence Degrees

Nov. 7:  H. Kisilevsky, The Cohen-Lenstra Heuristic
              R. Yager (Oklahoma State), Tate Constants for Elliptic Curves

Nov. 21: R. Murty, Improvements in the Chebotarov Density Theorem
              W. Sinnott (Ohio State Univ.), On a Theorem of Washington

Dec. 6:  J.P. Serre (College de France / Harvard Univ.), Topics on $L$-adic Representations
              J.P. Serre (College de France / Harvard Univ.), Weil + $\epsilon$, Implies Fermat

1984-1985 academic year

Winter 1985

Jan. 17: D. Dorman, Singular Values of the Elliptic Modular Function and Factorization Formulas
              D. Dummit, Reduction of Elliptic Curves and Tate Curves

Jan. 24: K. Murty, Points of order 13 apres Mazur and Tate, I
              R. Coleman (U.C. Berkeley), Effective Chabouty

Feb. 7:  D. Dummit, Neron Models and Tate Curves
              K. Murty, Points of Order 13, II

Feb. 14: K. Murty, On Computing Root Numbers
              D. Dummit, Tate Curves and Mestre's Construction of Class Groups in Imaginary Quadratic Fields using Elliptic Curves

Mar. 7:  H. Kisilevsky, The Iwasawa Component in Mazur-Wiles
              L. Simons, Construction of the $p$-adic $L$-series for an Elliptic Curve

Mar. 14: D. Ramakrishnan (Johns Hopkins), Algebraic Cycles and Values of $L$-functions I
              D. Ramakrishnan (Johns Hopkins), Algebraic Cycles and Values of $L$-functions II

Mar. 28: D. Dummit, Descent on Elliptic Curves, I
              J. Friedlander (Univ. of Toronto), Primes in Arithmetic Progressions

Apr. 4:  D. Dummit, Descent on Elliptic Curves, II - Translating Tate's Haverford Notes
              N. Yui (Univ. of Toronto), The Brauer Group of a Product of Two Curves

Apr. 11: J. Arthur (Univ. of Toronto), Automorphic Representations and Number Theory
              D. Dorman, Heights on Abelian Varieties

Apr. 18: K. Murty, The Euclidean Algorithm for S-integers I
              K. Murty, The Euclidean Algorithm for S-integers II

Apr. 25: G. Anderson (U.C. Berkeley), On Gauss Sums
              G. Anderson, Hilbert-Blumenthal Drinfeld Modules

May 9:  R. Murty, Recent Results on the First Case of Fermat's Last Theorem
              J. Sands (Univ. of Maine, Orono), Stark's Conjecture and Higher Order Zeroes of $L$-functions at 0

May 16: D. Blasius (Columbia), Motives for Absolute Hodge Cycles
              D. Blasius, Reciprocity Laws for Critical Values of $L$-functions

May 23: R. Murty, Recent Results of Rohrlich on Values of $L$-functions
              K. Murty, Non-degenerate CM types
              D. Dorman, Heights, II - the local components

Fall 1984

Sept. 20: D. Dummit, An Introduction to Elliptic Curves as Modular Curves I
              D. Dummit, Elliptic Curves as Modular Curves II

Oct. 4:  H. Kisilevsky, Some Remarks on Friedman's Theorem in Iwasawa Theory
              D. Dummit, An Introduction to Modular Symbols

Oct. 8:  D. Goss (Ohio State), Arithmetic of Function Fields I
              D. Goss (Ohio State), Arithmetic of Function Fields II

Oct. 11: D. Goss, Arithmetic of Function Fields III
              D. Goss, Arithmetic of Function Fields IV

Oct. 25: K. Murty $\tau(n) = a $, has finitely many solutions for odd a
              D. Dummit, Modular Symbols and the $p$-adic $L$-function of an Elliptic Curve

Nov. 8:  L. Simons, Hecke Operators on $\Gamma_0(N)$ -the Atkin-Lehner Theory
              J. Tunnell (Rutgers Univ.), Hilbert Modular Forms of Weight 1

Nov. 15: R. Foote, Hecke Algebras
              K. Murty, Decomposing the Jacobian of $X_0 (N)$ using the Hecke Algebra

Nov. 29: R. Foote, Hecke Algebras and the Langlands Theory
              K. Murty, Outline of Ribet's Converse of the Kummer Criterion

Dec. 13: D. Dummit, Serre's mod p modular forms
              D. Dummit, $p$-adic Modular Forms and Construction of the Kubota-Leopoldt $L$-series