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The Quebec-Vermont Seminar is a regular bi-weekly seminar alternating between Montreal, Burlington, Vermont, and Quebec City. Founded in 1984 by Hershy Kisilevsky and David Dummit, it is one of the longest continuously-running seminars of its kind in North America. This website contains a list of (many of) lectures in the Quebec-Vermont seminars (and related activities) going back to its inception.

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The Quebec-Vermont number theory seminar

Unless otherwise noted, the morning talk is on the 11th floor of Burnside Hall, McGill, the afternoon talks at Concordia on the 9th floor.

Analytic Number Theory Seminar

All talks at UdeM (Andre Aisenstadt building, room 5448) , Thursday 11:00-12:30

SHAPE Seminar

Upcoming events

May 14 - June 1, 2017: CRM program Probability in Number Theory, CRM, Montreal.
July 2-6, 2017: A celebration of CICMA's postdoctoral program, CRM, Montreal.



2019 James Maynard,Cole Prize, American Mathematical Society

2017 Henri Darmon, Cole Prize, American Mathematical Society

2016 Maksym Radziwill, SASTRA Ramanujana Prize (joint with Kaisa Matomäki), SASTRA University

2016 Adrian Iovita, Simons Fellow, Simons Foundation

2013 Dimitris Koukoulopoulos, Paul R. Halmos - Lester R. Ford Award, Mathematical Association of America.

2013 Chantal David, Krieger-Nelson prize, Canadian Mathematical Society.

2013 Andrew Granville, Fellow, American Mathematical Society.

2011 Jayce Getz, Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize for
Hilbert Modular Forms with Coefficients in Intersection Homology and Quadratic Base Change

2010 John Voight, Selfridge prize, Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS) IX, Number Theory Foundation.

2008 Henri Darmon, John L. Synge award, Royal Society of Canada.

2008 Henri Darmon, Killam Fellowship, Canada Council of the Arts.

2008 Andrew Granville, Chauvenet Prize, Mathematical Association of America.

2012 Daniel Fiorilli (2011 PhD, U de M), Governor General's Gold Medal (for PhD thesis)

2011 Youness Lamzouri (2009 PhD, U de M), Doctoral Prize, Canadian Mathematical Society.

Daniel Fiorilli (U de M): 2011 NSERC postdoc at IAS, Princeton.
Cameron Franc (McGill): 2011 postdoc at UC Santa Cruz.
Yu Zhao (McGill): 2011 postdoc at Academica Sinica, Beijing
Tristan Freiberg (U de M): (2011 PhD) a postdoc at KTH in Sweden.

2011-2014: Three new co-supervised ALGANT PhD students,


2011 Jonathan Pila, Senior Whitehead Prize, London Mathematical Society.

2011 Harald Helfgott, Adams Prize, Cambridge University.

2011 Jonathan Pila, Clay Research Award, Clay Foundation.

2017-2018 Graduate courses
Semester Course Instructor Location
Fall 2017 Algebraic Number Theory Lior Bary-Soroker Concordia
Intoduction to Modular Forms Matilde LalinUdeM
Topics in Algebra and Number Theory Maksym Radziwill McGill
Winter 2018 Algebraic Geometry: the theory of schemes Adrian Iovita Concordia
Formal Groups and their applications Eyal Goren McGill

Old Graduate Courses

Special Number Theory offices (with libraries)

U de Montreal: Analytic Number Theory Lab (Aisenstadt 6149) -- ask Granville, Koukoulopoulos or Lalin for the doorcode

Concordia: CICMA Lam -- 9th Floor, Library Building
We are a partner in the ALGANT network, which allows graduate students from many parts of the world to come to work in Montreal.