STT 2400, Hiver 2016
Régression linéaire

Devoir 1

Échéance: Vendredi 29 janvier

Tâche de lecture:

1.- [Weisberg, 4ed] Problème 2.6.
2.6: "Ft. Collins temperature data. The data file gives the mean température in the fall of each year, ..."

2.- [Weisberg, 4ed] Problème 2.8.
2.8: "Deviations from the mean. Sometimes it is convinient to write the simple linear regression model in a different form ...."

3.- [Weisberg, 4ed] Problème 2.16.
2.16: "United Nations data. Refer to the UN data in Problem 1.1.
2.16.1 Use a software package to compute the simple linear regression model..."


4.- [Weisberg, 4ed] Problème 2.17.
2.17: "Regression through the origen. Occasionally, a mean function in which the intercept is known..."

3.- [Weisberg, 4ed] Problème 2.20.
2.20: "Old faithful. Use the data from Problem 1.4.
2.10.1 Use simple linear regression methodology to obtain a prediction equation for interval..."


Bonne chance.