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MAT6627: the distribution of prime numbers
Université de Montréal, Fall 2016

Contact information

Instructor: Dimitris Koukoulopoulos
E-mail: koukoulo AT
Office: 4163 Pav. André Aisenstadt


Tuesday 10h30 - 11h30 and Friday 10h30 - 12h30 (4186 Pav. Andre Aisenstadt)

The course starts on Friday September 2. There is no course during the weeks of Monday October 24 and of Monday November 7. There will be extra hours of teaching on some Tuesdays from 11h30 to 12h30 to cover the loss during the week of November 7.

Textbook and references

I will follow my own notes that can be found here. Some other useful references are:

You can also consult thenotes of A. J. Hildebrand.


The course will cover the following subjects:

If there is sufficient time, we will also cover Linnik's theorem and the analytic theory of L-functions.


Your grade will be determined by your performance in three homework sets and one final project, explained below. Here is the breakdown:

Evaluation Percentage
Homework 1 20%
Homework 2 25%
Homework 3 25%
Final project: oral part 10%
Final project: written part 20%


You may discuss the homework exercises with your peers, but you must write your solutions to them on your own. For the solution of the homework problems, you may consult only my course notes as well as the ones you have taken during the class. Lastly, you must write your solutions to the homework sets in LaTeX and send them to me by e-mail before the deadline.

Homework 1 (due 23 septembre) : PDF TeX

Homework 2 (due 21 octobre) : PDF TeX

Homework 3 (due 2 decembre) : PDF TeX

Final project

Your final project will be based on an topic of your choice from the list below. You must give a written presentation of this topic (5-10 pages in LaTeX, including either complete proofs of sketches, depending on the lenght) and do an oral presentation of 30 minutes. orale de 30 minutes. The written part is due December 9 (do not leave this for the last moment!) and the oral presentations will take place during the week of December 12.