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Video interview as incoming CRM director (June 2021).

Slides of a Zoom talk at IHP (June 2021).

ZOOM-Sympl Seminar (27 march, 2020) pdf

Video of a talk at the Bernoulli Center of EPFL, August 2019.

Report on an RIP program (together with Paul Biran) at Oberwolfach, May 2017.

Video of a talk at the IAS/Princeton University symplectic seminar, September 2016
(Cost of splitting Lagrangians).

Slides of a talk on Immersed Cobordism, MIT, May 2016.

Slides of a talk at the PIMS Symposium on Geometry and Topology, June 2015.

Videos  of a couple of talks at the Simons Center for Mathematics and Physics, Moduli Spaces
workshop  in May-June 2014  (video 1, video 2).

Slides of a talk at the Mathematical Congress of the Americas'', August 2013 (video - and an
interview at the same conference).

Slides of a talk at ``D(ietmar Salamon's) - Days'' (ETH), June 2013.

Abstract of a talk at Oberwolfach, July 2012.

Audio: Lagrangian cobordism (talk at the Fields Institute, Geometry and Physics Conference, April 2011).

Video: Enumerative invariants and Lagrangian cobordism (talk at MSRI, March 2010).

Abstract of a talk at Oberwolfach, July 2010.

Slides of a talk at a MSRI workshop, August 2009.

Slides of a plenary talk at the AMS-Worcester sectional meeting, April 2009.

Abstract of a talk at Oberwolfach, September 2008 (photo of the conference).

Slides of a talk at ETH, September 2007

Abstract of a talk at Oberwolfach, July 2006.

Slides of lectures in Leiden, April 2006.

Slides of  lectures at the Seminaire de Math. Sup., 2004.