Jean-Philippe Chassé

PhD Student in symplectic topology
at Université de Montréal

This page's purpose is to aggregate -for future references- scientific papers and government reports which helped me form opinions on many challenges today's society is now facing. I have decided to make this page public so that those references may help other people too.

The many papers and reports are divided in sections so as to facilitate their future usage, but these sections are a bit artificial: many of the subjects presented here are hardly dissociable from one another. That is the reason why some subjects come up in many sections. Likewise, one should not interpret the briefness of -or the lack of- a section as a lack of interest on my part, but more as a result of my reading speed and of my desire of not restrain my reading to depressing papers on the state of the current world. Nevertheless, be sure the lenght of this list will only increase with time.

Do not hesitate to send me reading suggestions on one of the subject presented here, or on any subject you think I might be interested in for that mather!


Pollution caused by livestock

Marine population collapse

  • Christensen, V. et al.: Hundred‐year decline of North Atlantic predatory fishes. Fish and Fisheries 4(1), 1-24 (2003).
  • Hutchings, J. and Reynolds, J.: Marine Fish Population Collapses: Consequences for Recovery and Extinction Risk. BioScience 54(4), 297-309 (2004).
  • Dulvy, N., Sadovy, Y. and Reynolds, J.: Extinction vulnerability in marine populations. Fish and Fisheries 4(1), 25-64 (2003).

Food miles

  • Weber, C. and Matthews, H.S.: Food-Miles and the Relative Climate Impacts of Food Choices in the United States. Environmental Science & Technology 42(10), 3508-3513 (2008).
  • Coley, D., Howard, M. and Winter, M.: Local food, food miles and carbon emissions: A comparison of farm shop and mass distribution approaches. Food Policy 34(2), 150-155 (2009).

Soja & palm


  • Winkel, T. et al.: The Sustainability of Quinoa Production in Southern Bolivia: from Misrepresentations to Questionable Solutions. Comments on Jacobsen (2011, J. Agron. Crop Sci. 197: 390–399). Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 198(4), 314-319 (2012).
  • Cancino-Espinoza, E., Vázquez-Rowe, I. and Quispe, I.: Organic quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa L.) production in Peru: Environmental hotspots and food security considerations using Life Cycle Assessment. Science of The Total Environment 637, 221-232 (2018).


Electric cars & alternative fuel

Nutrition & health

Probiotic culture

  • Parvez, S. et al.: Probiotics and their fermented food products are beneficial for health. Journal of Applied Microbiology 100(6), 1171-1185 (2006).
  • Collado, M. et al.: The Impact of Probiotic on Gut Health. Current Drug Metabolism 10(1), 68-78 (2009).
  • Oelschlaeger, T.: Mechanisms of probiotic actions – A review. International Journal of Medical Microbiology 300(1), 57-62 (2010).
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