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STATISTIQUE: analyse multidimensionnelle, théorie de la décision statistique, méthodes asymptotiques.




Martin BILODEAU            David BRENNER
Theory of Multivariate Statistics
Springer Texts in Statistics (Advisors: G. Casella, S. Fienberg and I. Olkin)
Springer-Verlag, 1999
xviii pages and 288 pages
ISBN 0-387-98739-8

This book presents the main results of the modern theory of multivariate statistics to those who would appreciate a concise and
 mathematically rigorous treatment.  Supplemented by over 140 problems, it can be used as a textbook by students taking a first
 graduate course. It will also serve as a general reference for research workers who will find, in a readable form, developments
 from recently published work on certain broad topics not otherwise easily accesible. These topics include robust inference
 and the bootstrap in a multivariate setting.

 The treatment is in most ways thoroughly orthodox, but in several ways novel and unique. The approach taken rests heavily on
 the essentially physical notion of equality-in-distribution and makes vigorous use of the Cramér-Wold theorem.  In this way, it
 is much more structural and directly algebraic than is usual, tied more immediately to the way in which statistical objects arise in
 nature, practice or computational simulation.  Readers should find the approach refreshing, even perhaps liberating, particularly
 those saturated in a lifetime of matrix derivatives and jacobians.

 As a textbook, the first eight chapters provide more than enough material for coverage in one semester.  The remaining six chapters
 treat of more specialized topics: multivariate regression, principal components and canonical correlations, asymptotic expansion,
 robustness and the bootstrap, taking the reader gradually into territory not altogether perfectly charted.  This should serve to draw
 one gently into the literature.

 Martin Bilodeau is professor in the department of mathematics and statistics at the Université de Montréal. He is an Associate of the 
Society of Actuaries. His research interests include statistical decision theory and multivariate statistics.

 David Brenner is professor of statistics in the department of statistics at the University of Toronto with over 25 years experience
as an educator. His research interests include statistical inference and multivariate statistical methods.


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To download the file "multivariate" of S-Plus programs in Appendix C of the book press Shift and click simultaneously on the link Theory of Multivariate Statistics.

On peut télécharger le fichier "multivariate" de programmes S-Plus décrit dans l'appendice C du livre en pressant la touche Shift et en cliquant simultanément sur le lien Theory of Multivariate Statistics.




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