Andrew Granville's short resumé.
Canadian Research Chair in number theory at the University of Montreal


1984-87: Doctor of Philosophy, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
1983-84: Certificate of Advanced Studies (Distinction), Trinity Coll., Cambridge U.
1980-83: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Trinity Coll., Cambridge U.

Academic positions

2002- Chaire de Recherche du Canada , Université of Montréal.
1995-2002: David C. Barrow Chair of Mathematics, University of Georgia.
1993-95: Associate Professor, University of Georgia.
1991-93: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia.
1989-91: Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1987-89: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Toronto.

Visiting positions

2009-10: Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1-6/2009: Professeur invité, Unversité de Paris
9-12/2007: Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton


2009: Ford Award, Mathematical Association of America.
2008: Chauvenet Prize, Mathematical Association of America.
2007: Ford Award, Mathematical Association of America.
2007: Erdos memorial lecture, American Mathematical Society
2006: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
2006: Jeffrey-Williams prize, Canadian Mathematical Society
2001: BBV Professor, Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain.
1999: Ribenboim Prize, Canadian Number Theory Association.
1999: Kloosterman Professor, University of Leiden, Holland.
1995: Hasse Prize, Mathematical Association of America.
1994-99: Presidential Faculty Fellowship (from President Clinton).
1992-95: Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship.

Committee Work

Scientific Advisory Committee, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), 2003-2005.
Scientific Advisory Panel, Fields' Institute, 2000-2005.
Scientific Advisory Board, Banff International Research Station (BIRS), 2010-2012.
Board of Directors + Local Scientific Committee, Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM), 2010-
Director searches: CRM 2004, 2010. Cryptography Research Institute, 2009.
NSERC Liaison committee, 2007-10.

External Reviews: EPSRC, International Review of Mathematical Sciences, 2010.
"Committee of Visitors", National Science Foundation, 2001.
Georgia Tech, 2007; Bristol University, 2004; University of Colorado, 2001

Putnam questions committee 1999-02 (chair 2001-02).

Prizes: Fields/CRM (2004, 2010-12); Ribenboim (2004-2008); AMS: Doob (2007-13), Cole (2005).
CMS: Jeffrey-Williams (2007-8), Coxeter-James, Kreiger-Nelson (2005-7)

Current editorial boards

Algebra and Number Theory (2007--)
Annales des sciences mathématiques du Québec (2013--)
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society (2005--)
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics (2005--)
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (1994--)
Integers, the electronic journal of Combinatorial number theory (2000-).
involve: a journal of mathematics (2007--)
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (2009--).
Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics (2006--)

Special Lectures and Lecture series

May 2009: Mini-cours, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
May 2009: Mini-course, University of Paris, Orsay
July 2008: Summer school, Ottawa
April 2005: Kemeny lectures, Dartmouth College
February 2004: CVC lectures (Five Colleges), Amherst College
June 2001: Banco Bilbao y Valencia lectures, Universidads Autonoma y Complutense, Madrid.
Spring 2001: Gentry lectures, Wake Forest
Sept 2000: Computational Number Theory Workshop, MSRI, Berkeley.
April/May 1999: InterCity Number Theory Seminar, Leiden, Holland.
March 1999: Theorie des nombres et geometrie arithmetique, CRM, Montreal.
April 1997: Analytic Number Theory Workshop , Hong Kong.
Spring 1996: University of Colorado, Boulder.
Spring 1996: Shrum lecture series, Simon Fraser U.
March 22-28, 1993: Frontiers in Mathematics, Texas A.& M. U.
June 1992: Number Theory Workshop, Santander, Spain.
Recent invited lectures at Harvard, NYU, Princeton, U.C.~Berkeley, Paris VI, Paris Orsay,
École Normale Superieure, Madrid, Milan, Stanford, Cambridge, Institute for Advanced Study,
Rutgers, Toronto, UBC, ...

Special lectures

2012: New York Distinguished Lecture, New York
2011: The Lang lecture, U.C. Berkeley
2009: The Kuwait lecture, Cambridge University
2008: Plenary speaker, Canada-France meeting (CMS), Montreal.
2007: Public lecture, XXVth Journées Arithmétiques, Edinburgh.
2007: Erdos memorial lecture, American Mathematical Society.
2006: Jeffrey-Williams lecture, Canadian Mathematical Society.
2006: Royal Society of Canada annual meeting, invited speaker.
2004: "Current Events" speaker, American Mathematical Society, Phoenix.
2003: Plenary speaker at Canadian Mathematical Society meeting, Vancouver.
2002: Plenary MAA speaker at the Annual Joint Meeting, San Diego.
1999: Ribenboim lecture, Canadian Number Theory Association, Winnipeg.
1996: Plenary AMS/MAA speaker at the Annual Joint Meeting, Orlando.
1994: Invited Speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians, Zurich.
1993: XXVI National Congress of the Sociedad Matematica Mexicana, Morelia, Mexico

Doctoral Students

Marzieh Mehdizadeh, Dimitri Dias, Kevin Henriot, Mohammad Bardestani ('12), Daniel Fiorilli ('11),
Tristan Freiberg ('10), Youness Lamzouri ('09), Eric Pine ('04), Mike Beck ('04),
Paulo Almeida ('04), Pamela Cutter ('00), Dina Khalil ('00), Ernie Croot ('00),
Glenn Fox ('97), Kevin James ('97), Anitha Srinivisan (`95).

Doctoral students, part supervised: Olga Balkanova (w/ Ricotta), Carlos Vinuesa ('10, w/ Cilleruelo),
Adrian Ubis ('06, w/ Chamizo), Mark Watkins ('00, w/ Pomerance), Gang Yu ('00, w/ Pomerance),
Jorge Jimenez (`95, w/ Cilleruelo), Alessandro Zaccagnini (`93, w/ Perelli).

Master's students : Crystel Bujold, Farzad Aryan, Antoine Poirier ('12), Yara Elias ('11, w/ McKenzie),
Marc-André Lacasse ('11), Sana Mekhari ('05), Chris Groer ('01), Chris Orr ('97).

Postdoctoral Associates

Sandro Bettin (12-14),
Adam Harper (12-13), Ke Gong (11-12), Mariah Hamel (11-13), Shabnam Akhtari (11-12),
Vorrapan Chandee (11-13); Ethan Smith (10-12), Dimitris Koukoulopoulos (10-12);
Xander Faber (08-10); Arnaud Chadozeau (07-09); Ismaila Ndiaye (06-08); Igor Wigman (06-08);
Nathan Jones (05-08); Jason Lucier (05-08); Guillaume Ricotta (04-07); Harald Helfgott (04-07);
Habiba Kadiri (03-07); Jack Fearnley (03-10); Nathan Ng (01-04); Steve Astels (99-01);
Par Kurlberg (99-01); Tom Tucker (98-02); Daniel Shiu (97-99); Morley Davidson (96-97);
Seva Lev (96-98); Sonjie Ren (95-96); Binlong Zhang (94-95); Ken Ono (93-94).

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