Financial assistance

There are many scholarships and grants available for students in mathematics, actuarial science and statistics. The options and conditions are outlined below. For many of the scholarships, the Department screens candidates. You will be informed through your address if you have been awarded financial assistance.

Although most of these scholarships are reserved for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, there are some competitions intended for international students. If you are an international student, we would encourage you to apply for a scholarship covering differential tuition fees even before you arrive at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, as soon as your admission has been confirmed.

Many countries also have bilateral agreements with the Canadian government. For more information, see the Bureau des étudiants internationaux website.

Resource people in the Department: undergraduate, graduate.

Departmental scholarships

All scholarships are listed in one place, but the main ones are described below.

The Department guarantees funding for certain doctoral students

Financial assistance up to $20,000 per annum, renewable, for a maximum of three complete years, is available for doctoral students in mathematics or statistics. A condition of the renewal of a grant is continued and satisfactory academic performance. Financial assistance for a fourth year is possible by obtaining an end-of-studies grant from the Faculty of postgraduate and postdoctoral studies (FESP).

Integrated financial assistance is typically assured by funds from the FESP managed by the Department, by the research grants of the student’s supervisor, as well as by teaching assistantships*.

Only the best qualified candidates will be offered this funding.

* In conformity with the collective agreement signed by the University of Montréal and the Union of student employees of the University of Montréal (SÉÉEUM), students selected for financial assistance should apply for teaching assistantships advertised by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Graduate scholarships

Departmental scholarships
Different amounts

Alma mater scholarships

Georges Baril scholarships
Master's-level students

Other scholarships
Different amounts

Other sources of income

If you are a master’s or doctoral student, you may finance your studies by taking on a position as a teaching or research assistant or a lecturer.

Under the collective agreement between the Université de Montréal and the Syndicat des étudiants et étudiantes employé(e)s de l’Université de Montréal (SÉÉEUM), eligible students must apply for positions posted by the Department.

Teaching assistant

A teaching assistant (TA) in the Department is usually assigned to give demonstrations and mark homeworks and exams. The position involves three hours of work with students per week, for 13 weeks, and pays about $1,800 a term. The Department may assign about 140 demonstrations a year.

Research assistant

A research assistant is a Université de Montréal student, generally full time at the graduate level, hired to assist professors and researchers with research work.


Students who have completed their doctoral coursework, in general, are eligible for part-time lecturer positions. Teaching excellence is the most important criterion. Duties include:

  • preparing and teaching courses according to different pedagogical methods;
  • updating course content;
  • preparing teaching materials according to the pedagogical methods used;
  • evaluating students’ performance.

Working and studying

Students also have access to an employment assistance service. Find out more about specialized job offers in your field of study, potential employers and the tools you need to search for a job that meets your needs.