Tuesday 21st of February 2017
Manuel Morales, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ciudad de Querétaro

Bernal, Querétaro

Ville de Toulouse

Saint-Sernin, Toulouse

About Myself

I grew up in Mexico City where I attended the School of Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). After obtaining a B.Sc. degree I moved to Montreal to pursue graduate studies at Concordia University from where I graduated in 2003. I am now based in Montreal where I am a faculty member at the department of math and stats of the University of Montreal.

I still spend parts of my summers and holidays in Mexico, especially in the state of Querétaro. Querétaro is a land-locked central Mexican state, two hours north of Mexico City. Bernal, Colon, Queretaro and Tequisquiapan are towns where I used to spend the long summer days off-school and family vacations every year when I lived in Mexico.
Colon (sitio oficial)
Colon (in english)

When I am not in Montreal or Mexico, I am most probably in the south west of France. Toulouse and the Aveyron region are places where I also spend part of my summers and holidays. Toulouse is a nice town only a couple of hours north of the Spanish border. And Aveyron is a French department north east of Toulouse, caught between the southwest and the Mediterranean with Montpellier just an hour away.